The Aunt

Hair bands. High heels. Frugal. Good Intentions. Hard Road. Domestic Violence. Unintentionally Late. Endearing. Big Heart. Getting Old. Fun. Tells It Like It Is. Fibs. Flubs up. Family. Scary Boyfriends. An Angel For A Daughter. Inventive. Persistent. Rude At Times. Sincere. Freakin Funny As Sh*t. A Lovebug For A Son. Jail Bird. Creative In Some Ways. Responsive. Sad. Rough Past. Faithfully Religious. Teen Mother. Tough Love. Kind. Loud. Generationally gorgeous. A Provider For A Son. Sister. Recovering. Survivor. Lonely. Mother Of A Teenage Daughter. Born Again Christian. Boston. Aunt. Long Haired Men Are Sexy. Prince-Look-Alike As An Ex-Husband. Biker For A Daddy. A Mother In Heaven. Optimistic. Liberal. Stylish. Beautiful Smile. Grandma. Axel Rose. Rockin. Understanding.

Let me know whatcha think

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