What The….

Ok, I’m a little upset with Burger King right now. Why are they using a king to push sex on young children. And to make the women in their lastest commerical depict themselves as sex objects all the while trying to sale fast food. And even worse…pushing Sponge Bob Square Pants as a mascot. Making the women have square butts, flaunting them while dancing, and the king is just walking around looking all…child molester-like. Ewwww! Gross!! Haven’t bought food at Burger King since this commerical aired.

One thought on “What The….

  1. What’s wrong with square butts? I like ALL butts – especially yours… And you will always be my sex object as opposed to a doorknob… But, I do agree the BKLounge ad is disturbing. Every commercial with that new wigged out king is disturbing. Who loves ya babe? I do.

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