Because We Are Sisters



I love her so much. How can you not love her cute button nose, her beautiful hair, her ability to fit in with the crowd, her style, her eyebrows, and her warm heart. Well I’ll tell you why I know I am the luckiest sister on this planet.

Because I prayed to God for her every single night that my mom was pregnant with her. Even when doctors told my mom that she was having a boy. I knew, without even a doubt that God was going to give me a sister, not a little brother.


Because sometimes the inner beauty shines threw like a rainbow.
Because sometimes the inner beauty shines through like a rainbow.

Because Beth and I have the same parents, came from the same morals and values. She and I share the same hands and often times people mistake us for each other while on the phone. We share family features so much that we are mistaken for either twins or mother and daughter.

Because I got to share the giggling in bed while we were both supposed to be sleeping. I got to dress her up as if she were my own personal barbie doll. She looked up to me.  I was her world. I was her everything, for such a short time.

My Everyday Princesses.
My Everyday Princesses.

Because she grew to be stronger and more talented then me. She has a sense of what is good and grounded. She gives me that last little bit of encouragement that I need at the specific time. We have the ability to speak to each other without speaking a word.

Because she has such a warm, sensitive and loving heart, that she doesn’t just share with anyone and I have the pleasure of knowing that heart, and feeling it’s hug, it’s kiss, it’s tears, it’s happy smiles.

Because we can be so pissed off at each other that we go weeks without speaking, only to call each other and start talking as if we never missed a beat. We made a vow to each other as children to never ever for any reason, break that vow. We will Always be there for one another. No matter what shitty stuff happens between us, no man, no event, no words, only death will break us apart. And even then I don’t think that will.

Because any man who ever looks past her hard candy shell, they will see her gooey center and will have a huge over flowing amount of love come there way, that I might get to share in her utter happiness. I might get to experience, actually being a real live Aunty to her children as she is to mine.

Because when you ask God for something without specifics he listens to your heart and delivers. He tailor made her for me to be my best sister ever.


One thought on “Because We Are Sisters

  1. Don’t forget, any man that enjoys coloring will have a blast with her. Sit down with a box of 64 crayons and go to town on her body, making sure to stay within the lines of the pictures. Of course that man would have to be about 5 years old, but whatever…

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