Kris Allen VS. Adam Lambert

I just felt the need to post something about American Idol’s season finale. First, I will admit that at first, the rebel in me wanted to go against the grain in regards to Adam. Why you ask? Well because he was the popular vote and I’m just stubborn that way. But like I said, I will admit that Adam can sing. Adam can act. But can he sale an entire album and keep the momentum going? I’m not so sure. But it wasn’t until I seen him performing with KISS last night, that I realized this about Adam. He could lead any 80’s band that is still alive and together today. As long as he sing’s the song’s we all know and love. Say for example, KISS came out with all new material with Adam singing lead vocals. I’m not so such I’d even listen to it much less buy the album.

But in Adam’s defense. I believe that past American Idol winners have cursed the top spot. With the exceptions being Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood. With the song “No Boundaries”, proved to me that Adam is NOT POP material. He’s not mold-able. And I’m afraid that Adam is talented enough to use American Idol as a platform, instead of a soap box he should do fine without an American Idol record deal.

Since the title of this blog is Kris Allen VS Adam Lambert I have to say something about Kris. It sucks that Kris won American Idol. He was my favorite. The creative control that American Idol record deals, holds, is huge. I’m afraid Kris won’t last. If he were on his own he will, but here falls another talented person to the American Idol Curse.

Kris Allen


Adam Lambert

3 thoughts on “Kris Allen VS. Adam Lambert

  1. oh paleeeze! adam was the “it” factor they needed. could he sell a wole album? of course and i’m sure millions upon millions will buy it. this guy has the potential to be the next elvis! i’m with rafe, he was robbed. he’ll go on to be bigger than chris allen. chirs’ name is not even memorable and by the way isn’t he a christian singer? mark my words adam was the true winner of the competition.

  2. Deriously I dont think Adam is very talented unless you call screaming into the microphone like a pre-pubesent girl a talent. I also dont really like Kris…hes too much like every other emo wannabe out there. Whatever its just my opnion right… I on the other hand LOVED Danny!! When he got out there and started singing with Lionel I practically melted. I do agree though that not many people really prosper after winning, so Im hoping that my Danny with come to do bigger and BETTER things!

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