New Moon

New Moon Trailer:

Ok so I know most of you are tired of hearing about Twilight. But don’t fear, that name will fade soon…..only to be replaced by NEW MOON. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I can’t wait, even though this book was NOT my favorite.

For those of you have read the book and fell in love with the series: Please come join me and my cousin Angel over here on the internet web couch of common ground.

It’s not that we want our life to mimic this book. It’s this book has all the vital parts of a love story in it, along with supsense, of course your rebel bad guy. I mean, now that the movie is out for the whole world to view, rent, and buy. I’ve re-watched the movie and became sadly disappointed as the “budget” didn’t allow the movie to bring the book justice in any way. One good point, they kept the story line right. Ok so I’ll get to my point now.

For the Twilight Hater’s: WHATEVER! Your just jealous cause you can’t read and can only scribble.

For the Twlight Follower’s: See ya in line at New Moon Bitches! =P

The New Moon Smoker's Cast
The New Moon Smoker's Cast

2 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. it’s batches not bitches. and for all my real haterz would you please stand up. the movie sucked! i watched it first day on video and could only think ” interview with the vamp” was way better, needed a follow up sequel to the movie, huh?

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