Go Break A Hip…

ALRIGHT ALREADY! Sheesh! So I decide to go to my favorite deli place to get a simple PB&J as I was hungry and know they make awesome sandwiches. I park in between two trucks and off to the right is a mini van. I proceed into the deli and am immediately standing in line. There must have been 5 construction worker type guys in each truck. All nasty, sweaty, dirty and talking way too loud. Well in front of them was the mini van full of old ladies. 1/2 couldn’t hear, a few couldn’t see as they apparently just got out of the eye doctor, and the other two were pushing walkers. Now I gently smile at one who quickly returns a yeah-I’m-the-line-leader kind of smirk back to me. So I patiently wait my turn.

After 20 minutes I thought, Ok I’m going to leave and go somewhere else, they are obliviously too busy to make my PB&J. Just then one of the employee’s turns to me and starts up our usual BS conversations. Meanwhile inside my head, I’m like, “HEY! Shut up and go make my sandwich clown. I’m in a hurry here.” But of course, I just stood there with the occasional mmmm, uh huh, yeah, right right…

55 minutes later, I return to work with my brown paper bag, and my 20 oz. soda. Now this is where I wish I could say I was about to enjoy my lunch. But I can’t.

55 minutes in line…………Free

20.oz soda………………….$Part of the combo

A bag of 16 potato chips..$Part of the combo

Disappointed that they only managed to put 1/2 my sandwich into my bag, which had turkey and pastrami pieces smashed into my soggy bread………………………………UTTERLY PRICELESS

One thought on “Go Break A Hip…

  1. Oh my! I could not stop laughing,,,,,,

    I’m sorry baby girl, But you too one day will be old. You come over to your momma’s house she’ll make you a great pb& J. It will be done in less than 55min. Or it’s free……
    lol lol lol lol lol lol
    God I love you writting agin! Love your Momma

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