The Princess Syndrome

Princess Syndrome

I read this on Yahoo News this morning. Though this article does a lot of rambling and doesn’t really ever get to the point. I thought I would get to the point.

Bottom-line:  We sell our daughter’s on the fairy tale, happily ever after, you’re a princess, you’re royalty, you’re above everyone else. WHAT ARE WE DOING?

We are creating little girls to behave without thinking. To speak without noticing. I for one set the hook in my daughter and, am now trying to reel it in. It’s craziness. She’s 5 years old, picks out her new Barbie dolls based only on 1 factor: What kind of shoes she’s wearing. She attends preschool with her purse in hand, lip gloss applied, tailored outfit to her liking, and perfectly matched shoes. Yeah, whose to blame? Her parents, for allowing it to happen.

But I truly feel that the diva attitude is what needs to be called on. Not so much as the princess behavior. We want our daughters to be strong, independent woman. Smart, assertive, graceful, etc. Yet the fairy tale stories teach about being in poverty, less-then, servitude, brought into the lime light by the prince to be show cased as being better then the rest, therefore made into the princess-future-queen. Thus is my understanding, she was the queen to begin with. Deep down inside she had it in her to rein as a princess, to some day rule the kingdom. Isn’t this what our daughter’s are?

A diamond in the rough. A Queen in the making. To one day take over the family, start a family and head it into the future, bigger and better? Don’t we need to make them strong enough to handle that?

So here’s the real bottom-line: Be a princess, teach them that they need to be the Queen one day. But no kingdom will work or run if you treat everyone like second class citizens. Teach them how to be tolerant, open minded , understanding, leaders. This will create a woman with self confidence, assertiveness, creative intelligence.

The only thing I really oppose, now this is the feminist in me coming out. You don’t need the make-up and hair glitter to be pretty. Natural beauty is better. And being pretty doesn’t make you smarter or a better person. Also, you don’t need a man to come in a rescue you. You don’t need prince charming to save your life. However, you can’t be princess or even queen without the prince. So all in all, You want the prince to help guide you along your journey to the Queen’s throne, RIGHT NEXT TO THE KING’S THRONE.

If you don’t teach the girls to be self confident women, then you will end up settling for the first prince that comes along promising the throne. They won’t know how to sort out bullshit from truth.

But you can’t go off to the extreme left field either and alienate them from men. Turning into the neighborhood-cat-lady.



4 thoughts on “The Princess Syndrome

  1. The whole princess syndrome is definitely making some women have unrealistic expectations in life as well as getting their priorities wrong. What is wrong with being independent and smart and able to stand up on one’s two feet without relying on a man? Those kind of women are just sad really.

    1. What kind of women are you saying are “sad”? There are so many of us woman who were raised to be “independent” “strong” blah blah blah, but walking that road for awhile, is well sorta, lonely. Yes, it’s good to be strong and independent but like most thing’s in life there is a time and place for everything. I’ve learned with myself and my daughters that I need to teach them compassion, ‘sharing’, and that life is best when it’s shared with someone who loves you, not because they’re afraid of you or afraid to tell you no. My boyfriend would love to know that I’m saying all of this. You gotta have heart & soul not just a bank account and a job.

  2. I totally agree. The problem with today’s society is they make being a “princess” unrealistic… when the truth is society has taken the “princess” out of the equation by accepting and condoning men laying/marrying men and women laying/marrying women. The “roles” are no longer defined, and the prince will never come because he must come on a PINK pony… Men are made to be “sensitive” and women are made to be man-haters. God has been also taken out of the equation and replaced by “feelings”. Children are no longer taught to rely on others, but to be selfish and “look out for number one”. TRUST is never established. PARTNERSHIP is never taught. “I don’t need a man” and “I don’t need a woman” are the new teachings….

    A king NEEDS a queen, and a queen NEEDS a king for the natural order of things to manifest. A child NEEDS a mother AND a father in order to develop into a princess or a prince. They need guidance from their King and Queen.

    Given the opportunity, I could easily be the prince to take my princess into OUR kingdom to rule our people with love, honor, and respect. Two KINGS cannot rule a kingdom, nor can two QUEENS. Children need the guidance of a manly role and a feminine role. And the King and Queen must know their own role and EQUAL importance of their roles.

    Note: Just one “prince’s” opinion…. I love my queen above all others, and would protect my queen and my kingdom to the death if necessary.

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