Lather vs. Carbonation

Ever wonder why your hair is too dry? Scalp is itchy? Your thirsty even though you just drank a soda? Here’s why.

American’s as a whole are addicted to Lather and Carbonation. Don’t believe me, try this. Next time your in the shower, wash your hair with a bar of soap or non-sudding shampoo. You will work that stuff into your hair until there is a lather of foaming bubbles. It’s not clean or it’s not shampoo unless you’ve got a ton of bubbles sittin atop your head.

Carbonation is right along the same lines. A glass of water sitting on a counter being offered to you will be passed up. But a glass of sparkling flavored water will be drank.

No other place in this great big world, other then America are more people wasting millions of dollars on lather and carbonation. It doesn’t get your hair cleaner and it certainly doesn’t add any flavoring to the drink.

Little known facts:

Deva Hair Products


With cult status among the curly-locked for gentle cleansing and conditioning that keeps natural waviness intact without frizz, Deva recently released a line that caters to other hair types as well. DevaCare, as the line’s called, contains Vitamin C and Orange peel extract to retain moisture, and UV-inhibitors, making it an ideal summer choice for people with damaged hair. But the real innovation is in what they don’t add; Deva products eliminate the lathering and dehydrating detergent (i.e. the suds) found in most other products in their quest to end American’s addiction to lather. DevaCare No-Poo costs $16 for 12 oz. from Deva.


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

By Gina Serraiocco, M.D.

Many of us have a daily addiction to a common substance and don’t even realize the long-term harm we are doing to our bodies. The culprit? The carbonated beverage. The carbonated beverage accounts for more than one-fourth of all drinks consumed in the United States, or at least one 12-ounce can per day for every man, woman and child. Let’s take a look at the hidden dangers of over-consumption of this popular beverage.

Just one regular soda per day cause 15 pounds of weight gain per year has enough calories to  in an adult. Most cans contain more than 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sugar. We should think of soda more as “liquid candy” rather than a beverage.

The high acid levels in all sodas dissolve the calcium out of the enamel, leaving a softened matrix for bacteria to enter the teeth and cause cavities. Sugar-free sodas cause just as much damage to teeth as regular sodas. In addition, kids who drink more soda tend to drink less milk, contributing to decreased calcium intake and poor bone health.

Side effects of too much caffeine vary, but some people experience irritability, restlessness, tension, insomnia, excitement and gastrointestinal disturbance after only one or two caffeinated beverages. Large quantities can also contribute to irregular heartbeat, panic and anxiety disorders, muscle twitching, incoherent speech, excessive urination, flushed skin, depression and high blood pressure.

Ok so I’ve given you some well informed information to hold on too. All I’m saying is, chill out with the soap already! Relax with a glass of juice or ice tea, rather then carbonated drinks. Thinking about it a little further. Maybe we aren’t addicted to lather or carbonation…think about what these two have in common.


IT’S FREAKIN BUBBLES. That’s what we are addicted too, stupid bubbles. Holy Crap! If that’s the case, go out and buy a barrel of bubbles and blow to your hearts content rather then trying to wear and drink em.

Just an Idea? You heard it hear first.



One thought on “Lather vs. Carbonation

  1. Awesome to read. I am really proud and impressed with your site and the direction it is going. Keep up the good work… I look forward to seeing your thoughts and ideas…

    Love ya babe, Rafe…

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