My Daughter On Fashion…

Fashion Expert: Ms. Aubry (5yr)

She Know's Fashion.
She Know's Fashion.

Topic: Mom Jeans



Reasons why these don’t look good.

1. Cause… Um… they look so cramped.

2. But I like the shoes.

3. And the shirt is tucked in, so she doesn’t look cool.

4. They are too tall on the top of her leg.

5. They look so yucky.

6. I love ba-ta-toe chips…too.

7. The pockets are not gooder, cause they keep closing.

8. And the crinkles are really squishy.

9. They aren’t sassy pants, because those are for older people, like e-dults.

10. Because her behind is smashed and it disappeared.

Their you have it folks. 10 reasons why you shouldn’t wear mom jeans, well according to a 5 year fashion diva.

Let me know whatcha think

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