Smokey The Bear




Smokey the bear.


Aubry and Madison joined us this last weekend for the 4th of July. We attended the Tehama County Fair as well as the Strong Man Contest and Lawn Mower Races. Following all of that fun, we got to watch one of the best fireworks shows I’ve ever seen.


At the fair, the Red Bluff Fire Department was there showing there mock house that caught on fire and they were teaching the children about fire safety and when to call 9-1-1. They handed the kids Smokey the Bear pins.


At this point, we thought, “Awesome. Now they are aware. Now they know. Holy crap they are going to be testing out the whole 9-1-1 thing.” As this was what they were chanting in the car, “9-1-1 for emergencies 9-1-1 call emergencies.” 


What we weren’t prepared for was the following question:


“Smokey the bear?” said Aubry

“Oooo does he smoke daddy?” said Madison

“No.” said daddy.

“Then why does they said Smokey the bear?” said Aubry

“Cause that’s his name.”

“Are you sure?” said Madison.

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