The Two-Way Road Of Life


Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?


No matter what side of the road your on, you best know where your going or how to get there. Most signs point you in the right direction or at least explain to you where your at and what’s expected of you.


I wish at some point in life, you could get a driver’s license to drive through the streets of life. Maybe a reference guide as to what to expect, or simply re-enacted situations of how to handle certain events. Or a social what-to-do & what-not-to-do bible. But unfortunately there isn’t any that I know of. There are so many unsaid but widely known “things” in life that most follow or at least understand.


Though most would say, “reference the bible, it has all the answers.” No way! I won’t settle for that, because it travels in too many different directions without stating which direction your traveling.


So I thought I would list a few commonly known “Things” that should always be followed: (If your offended, don’t be, you didn’t know the rules. BUT YOU DO NOW. This is your one get out of jail free card) 


1.Communication in a relationship is a 2-way street. You talk, they listen. You listen, they talk. You get sympathy, they give it. You give sympathy, they take it. It’s a pattern. Now you could say you lost track and you weren’t sure whose turn it was. Read on to #2.


2. It’s always better to give, then to receive. At Christmas time, this rule is bendable. Give only what you can afford and make the rest. But when you give something to someone, it should make you feel tingly inside and out. You should feel good. Unless your paying your bills, and then I say, READ ON TO #3.


3. What goes around comes around. K.A.R.M.A. sucks when its kicking you in the butt. But if you follow rules #1 & #2, odds are K.A.R.M.A will be on your side, rather then behind you. Treat everyone else, like how you would want to be treated. I know that sucks too, because it will always seem like your giving and giving and never receiving. But that’s just because your not paying attention, open yours eyes. For example: Your stressing because your $50 bucks short on your rent, you have no idea where your going to come up with it, then out of no where, you end up getting a bonus/tip/credit for exactly $50 bucks. That’s K.A.R.M.A on your side. Call it what you want, but it’s nice to have.



So there you have it folks. If you want to keep your sister/cousin/mother/daughter/boyfriend/wife/brother/aunt/son/etc happy. Try to stay on the right side of the street. Because if your not paying attention, or if you are paying attention, but your choosing to cross the double yellow line down the 2 way street, ya might just get hit by the KARMA truck.



p.s. KARMA= Kenny Aubry Rafe Madison Alena


3 thoughts on “The Two-Way Road Of Life

  1. Good Job…. and good things to practice yourself… Half the battle is acknowledgement of the two way street… It is so much easier to take the other road… Being the “bigger” person shows weakness to others, but by looking at yourself in the mirror the ONLY one you need to show strength to is yourself… And the KARMA of giving rather than receiving does pay forward…. Good things come to those who wait… And usually when you least expect it…. Give ’til it hurts….

  2. Will you have the right idea. But you never know what someone is going to say or do. So you just have to say what your going to say and then let it go. You mite not like what thay say or do. But thats not up to you. You know what i say about sympathy. So dont look for any form me. I know shit happens. But if you live for someone eles you cant live for yourself.
    So if thay dont like what you have to say then fuckem.
    And just move on to the next thing in the road. Life will work it self out in the end.
    Love your daddy

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