Journalism or Tattle Tails?



Seriously! If there was ever a WTF? moment, it usually happens to me while reading a newspaper or book. My dream is to one day be a published author. At one time in my life, I wanted to be a journalist. I gave that dream up only because it’s so competitive and ruthless, I could never be like that.

But as I watch the news, read columns, and scan through books, I am shocked. It’s sooo much hard work to get published. It’s sooo hard to find a good book. It’s sooo hard to read a column without breaking out my red pen and correcting the mistakes. Take for instance, my post on smart water.

Ok, so past all that, it’s like a bunch of little kids tattling on each other. “Mooooom, Joey smacked me.” “Dad, Beth won’t stop yelling.” “MOM! She took my Barbie.” At what point does journalism just bust through the wall like Kool-Aid Man?


So bottomline: Just incase you were wondering. This is how it works.

1. You are given facts, instructed/taught/forced to make a story from those facts.

2. Say that those, “facts” don’t make sense, they aren’t thorough enough, etc. Then you get your happy journalistic ass out on the pavement.

3. Interview witnesses, victims, people in the know. If you want to publish something worth putting your name on it, then this is the part where you do your hard work. Interview, research, learn, inquire, anything it takes to get the clearer picture in your head.

4. Write the article from all aspects. Try not to put your “opinion” about said “facts”. ONLY THE FACTS should be written about.

5. BAM! you did it. If you are unsure of your facts, you don’t create more facts to make it sound better. You should only embllish a shirt, not the facts.

That’s why they call it NEWS=North East West South COVER ALL YOUR BASES BEFORE PRINTING


2 thoughts on “Journalism or Tattle Tails?

  1. It’s so true. If only there were more journalists that took this attitude. I think they learn this in the beginning, but most of them move away from it over time in order to be sensationalist or meet a deadline, or whatever excuse they care to use. I tend to enjoy fiction better than reality anyhow, and it’d be way too hard to prevent me from expressing my opinion of something, which is why I’d be a terrible journalist, unless I was doing some kind of opinion column. Now that I could dig! 😉

  2. You are in the wrong line of work. You NEED to become an editor or a journalist… With your debative and argumentitive attitude along with your quest for the TRUTH, you are better suited as a prosecutor, judge, jury, journalist, editor, some type of position where you hold the AUTHORITY to tell someone it is “My way or the highway”…. Although those people are very difficult to live with! 🙂 Trust me!

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