The Front Door

The Front Door
The Front Door
If you walk in my front door, this is the only door that I exspect you to walk back out of. Which is the same thing that you will get from me.
I will tell you exactly what I know and see with my own two eyes or my life experiences. NEVER will I tell you what I want you to hear, nor will I hide any secrets.
I have nothing to hide. Nor do I hide anyone elses secrets. But that doesn’t mean I go out of my way to tell your life stories.
If you are up front and honest with me, then I shall return the favor.
When you enter the back door, it only leads people to speculate or make up rumors or emblish stories. When you enter the front door and leave through the back you are asking for trouble.
I love everyone and everything. I don’t have time to hate, or betray or pretend. In matters of the heart, love above all else.  When it involves children, that chess game needs to be played with skill and heart. Knowledge and understanding, with a hint of laughter and sympathy. Trust is a given and respect is earned. If your not using any of these elements, then the outcome is up in the air.
BOTTOMLINE: Only ask questions, if your ready and willing to deal with the answers, good or bad.  Don’t hide anything from anyone, because at some point you’ll have to answer to that person about the thing’s you hid.

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