Put Up Or Shut Up



I sit here and try to understand everyone, from every point of view. I try to understand their experiences or their life lessons. But how hard do you have to try, to understand that some people just like playing the victim. To never rise above, but to settle for the passive character in life. Well you have to try very hard, especially when your character in life is to get further, to be the best you can be, to be that person that people can count on.


I never signed up for that character. But like I was taught as a child, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it must be a duck. I put the shoe’s on, pulled up my boot straps and trekked through the dirt and muck. I’ve cried the tears, I’ve held onto hands helping me up and in no way am I saying that I didn’t appreciate it, I did and still do.


But like most things in my life, don’t mistake my kind heart, tender feelings, gentle voice, or passive attitude, for weakness. Because you cross me and it will be the last time that will ever happen.


I am not afraid in the slightest of anyone, of anything. I can take on anything. I have the super woman powers to conquer all. And if by chance, something takes me down, it won’t be long before I’m back up again.


Without putting anyone to shame, or defaming anyone either. I just have to get this off my chest. I will not be the carrier of someone else’s burdens. I will not hide behind anyone for anything. I will stand toe to toe with anyone pointing their fingers at me, raising their voices, or accusing me of anything. BRING IT ON!


I will not let the evil of the world bring the good down either. I will stand my ground for, me, my family, and my loved ones. I am here for the greater good being attained the right way, in the right order, with the right people.


Like I’ve said before, KARMA is a b*tch and sometimes, that b*tch is me.


I’ve supported the drama, I’ve catered to the weak, mentored the lost and been the shoulder for the sad. NO MORE! I’ve been told to never lose my heart and I’m finally at that point of just not giving a sh*t anymore. I have small children to raise. I have a boyfriend to love and a life to live. I’ve got an agenda now people. Either you help bail the water out or you back the f*ck up and let the competent help.


I’m so tired of listening to the whiney adult children complaining about how hard life is and what an  injustice they are going through and how they are targeting them for personal reasons. WAKE UP! Your children have risen above and are trying to not repeat your past. If they can live through your world and survive then so can you.


Also, what is the deal with people playing both sides. I guess you could confuse it as survival I guess. But what it is, is someone watching the events unfold and trying to get the compliment/praise/money for free. I’m sick of the two face-ness in this family.




There are f*cking children that still need to be raised. Stop with the appointments and places to be, stop with the f*cked up friends. STOP with the God Damn Drama! Be the f*ckin parents.


I don’t even know what else to say, other then, the bullsh*t needs to stop.

If your going to stand up and say something to someone, maybe check your facts first, verify your sources of information. If not, then shut up and sit down because everyone is sick of hearing you flap your jaw with bullshit word vomit just spilling out. And how about some action with the drama. You can sit there and threaten all you want, but unless you’re the one going to be throwing the blows, then again, SHUT THE F*CK UP AND SIT DOWN ALREADY! Go home and get your life together instead of beating a dead horse with your drama.



One thought on “Put Up Or Shut Up

  1. Dam it Girl
    You go and keep going till you get it.
    I wish I had the Heart and the blood sweat tears you have at your age. It would had saved maybe me a lot of heart ack and whole lot of tears.
    Yep Thats my baby Girl only um she not a baby anymore,,,,,,,,,,, Yes you are your my baby and always will be……

    I love you so much….. I need to say no more. MOM

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