Remembering The Hero’s Of September 11th

Sam & Richard
Sam & Richard


Today I’d like to honor my dad and his dog Sam. They both have done so much for the community and the nation as a whole, by providing a service of search and rescue.


They both attended the recovery efforts of September 11th, 2001. A day the Nation will never forget. An ordinary dog and a not so ordinary man, took it upon themselves to do more then most and few would try. They went beyond the call of duty and assisted so many other people from this great Nation and helped the many trying to survive this catastrophic event.


But leading up to this was a man on a mission. Recovering from neck surgery and a flea market puppy looking for a home. The two paths crossed and history was made.


Both have left there mark on this world and will never be forgotten.


If you are ever in Mississippi, you must stop in Southaven. Go visit Sam’s memorial at the Southaven Fire Department on Goodman Road. Stop in Pontotoc and meet my dad. I guarantee you will never meet anyone like him in your entire life.


Sam's Head Stone
Sam's Head Stone

So please, enjoy the links below, to pay tribute to Sam and Richard.


One thought on “Remembering The Hero’s Of September 11th

  1. Alena
    This is for Richard, I know how much Sam ment toyou I think more than anyone did,I’m so sorryyou have lost him it just break my heart.
    Because you and I both know why, I feel for you because I know the pain too, all to well, but to lose your son agin, I know and I waqnted you to know me too damit. I cry every time I read about you and him,I hope it it settles in your heart quick , Hell be waitting for you with our 2 boys one day, that will be a gloryis day for you.


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