My Evolving Book

Skirrah, Ember, Sienna (Just an idea of my characters)
Skirrah, Ember, Sienna (Just an idea of my characters)

 I just wanted to let everyone know, that my book is coming along beautifully. The inspiration is some what personal and it’s definately taking on a mind of its own–or my mind. Not sure how that works really.

I’m currently at 159 pages, which is about 39,478 words. My goal for my completed novel is 500 pages-80,000 words. So as you can see, I still have a ways to go. But when something so strong courses through your veins and breaks into your every thought, you can’t help but become it’s slave and nourish its flavor. I’m only writing what my heart is telling me.

Needless to say, family, friends, life experience has given me my foundation. But my true “MUSE” is, none other then music. I wanted to share my playlist with you.
1. The Twilight Soundtrack.

2. Robert Pattinson “Let me sign”

3. City and Colour “Comin home” “Sleeping Sickness”

4. Kings of leon “Coming closer” “Sex on fire”

5. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Gold Lion”

6. The Twilight Score

7. Linkin Park “Crawl Back In” “One step closer” “Crawling”

8. Blue Foundation “Eyes on fire”

9. Miley Cyrus “I look at you” “Party In The USA” (I know i know, but my muse is my muse)

10. The Fray “Look after you”

11. This World Fair “Don’t make me wait”

12. Trapt “Lost Realist” “Who’s going home with me tonight”

There ya have it. Not that any of it makes any bit of sense, but it’s what I’m listening to. And if you are around me, you’re probably are listening to it too. And for that, Your welcome and I’m sorry. I know I suck as a DJ.

Gavin's Back-yard
Gavin's Back-yard


The inspiring flower bath.
The inspiring flower bath.

3 thoughts on “My Evolving Book

    1. The coolest part of it all, is that with out the “Writer’s Block” I wouldn’t have made it this far. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when I’m finished. Plus it’s never any fun going on a journey by yourself, when you can bring friends and rock the journey out! =)

  1. Its exciting to see someone elses work transform in front of my eyes. It feels as though I’m on a journey with you. Looking forward to the “writers block” group meeting tomorrow.

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