Not Meant For Southern Roots

Southern Roots

  When your grown in the Californian sun, it’s glorious winds and bountiful rain, what makes you think your roots will take in the Southern soil?

  Urning to spread your branches wide to soak up the rays only to recieve the stifling humidity weighing you down, feeling like a depressed weeping willow.

  Craving the thirst of the glistening down pour but getting pettled with hurricane winds. Throwing your leaves all around to die and crumple on the ground.

  When will you realize that your vibrant core is dying? You can’t stand tall when your insides are struggling to survive.

                                           COME HOME ALREADY!


3 thoughts on “Not Meant For Southern Roots

  1. I agree but it take time and money and I need a job when I get there and I cant leave AARON behind so you need to work on a story to make the sothern roots want the sun shine and great weather

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