Her Guardian Angel


I just don’t understand parents these days. Maybe it’s the age, maybe it’s the location, or maybe it’s their education level. Whatever it is, at some point, usually the birth of your children–you cross over and become protective. Maybe it’s just me.


I watch this little girl everyday, walk to school. She is cute as a button, wearing her tennis shoes, over-sized backpack, and warm sweater. She reminds me of my daughters although there is one difference. She walks all alone down the city street where the speed limit is 45 mph. I never see what house she comes out of, but each day I see her walking at about the same time and at the same location. I slow down enough to watch her get across the street safely and turn the corner towards the school.


Feeling some-what responsible for her. I know it seems I could be that odd person following a child, but if there was ever a person on this planet better capable of looking after a child, it would be me. I have no ill will towards her nor do I want to intervene. I just want to make sure she gets to school safely. I just can’t even understand why her parent(s) let her walk out into such a cruel world, alone–especially after watching the news lately.


The other day, I was running late and hoped that I could at least catch a glimpse of her walking closer to her school. Just making sure she made it ok is my only intention. Usually if I’m a few minutes late, I can still see her. Then I know its ok for me to get to work. But this day, I didn’t see her. I thought about her all day. Maybe she’s sick and stayed home? Maybe her parent dropped her off? Maybe she’s already at school?


I was eager the next morning to get out the door at the right time, just to ease myself from the burden of not knowing and there she was slower then ever before she sauntered down the road–limping. I would probably never pull over and ask if she wanted a ride, as I’d hope her parents taught her better. But everyday that I see her, my heart aches. Colder weather is coming as well as the rain, what will her parents do then? And why is she limping? Limping and walking to school. Do her parent(s) not care?


She wasn’t asked to be born to parent(s) like this? Maybe it’s just me being judgmental, but her parent(s) are supposed to protect her from the monsters of the world, the dangers, and make life easier. I don’t know what her home life is like; I don’t know what she prays about either. But I know in my heart, that there is a spot for her.


Until then, I’m content on being her guardian angel.


6 thoughts on “Her Guardian Angel

  1. You know there are alot of little childern out there like her.or a him. Iits just that everyone around them. Don’t notice them, Until its too late. OR Moms like you once in awhile maybe a njebor. No one says or dose any about it there more afread of what the parents will say or won’t say. And the Monsters that take them, I seen a show on tv one time. Its was about a guy that is one of the moster that hurt our childern. He was talking about how he would pick out the kids he took and hurt. It was the kids that walk alone everyday, the ones that never have a hair cutt or clean and sent to school. He looked for these things thats how he would pick out the child, he would take. he would seem to want to help them or give them some thing there life was laking. Care, neeeds, love, simple compastion.

    1. I completely understand what your saying. But this child passes by many people on her daily walk to school and I bet if you were to post her picture up, no one would even recognize her. It’s sad. But at least I know, I am making one more child safier because I’m here. And that warms my heart.

  2. Parents like this really piss me the hell off! I for the life of me cant understand how anyone who has given birth can let their child walk to school alone at that age. I personally cant even imagine Hunter doing things by himself when he is older…it kills me to even thing about it. Im glad you are watching her….at least some one cares.

    1. I agree. It’s parents like these that cry on TV and wonder why someone would take their child. But I guess you have to look at it from all points of view. Maybe they neglected their roles as parents and God took them back. . .You just never know. That’s why I don’t mind doing what I do. . . for her.

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