Skipping Thanksgiving


Last night I was sitting with Rafe and my logical 5-year old daughter Aubry, enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening watching TV when a commercial came on. I didn’t think much about it, although Aubry on the other hand found it to be perplexing. I guess in her familiar commonplace, this commercial seemed to be a speed bump to her. Not being one to just passively sit by and let this confusion be content, she decided to interject the moment.

            “Christmas doesn’t come next mom. Yesterday was Halloween. We get to eat turkey next–huh momma? That TV don’t even know!” she says unmoving from her nestled seat next to Rafe.

            “You’re right Aubry. It’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas.” I said contemplating the commercial industry and why they were pushing it so much now–one day after Halloween. I’ll blog about it.

So let me get this off my chest, because Lord knows that seats already taken.

Holidays are for slowing down a bit and allowing our family our undivided attention, to open our hearts to those less fortunate and to understand that life is precious. It’s also for letting your hair down and to just be yourself. At some point The Industry decided they needed to capitalize on our money and they’re wanting for it.

Back in the day, you would celebrate Halloween, and then you’d see all the scarecrows and pilgrim stuff up around the stores. Then the big push would come and the winter wonderland blanketed the country with its festive colors or red, gold, green and white. The neighbors would decorate their yards. It created such a joyous time for everyone.

The Industry doesn’t want to be bothered with Thanksgiving and lose their money promoting it–so they’ve decided to skip it. Skipping this holiday to them doesn’t mean anything but a loss. To me, my daughter and many American’s out there, “they” are choosing to skip fundamental memories from our children and valuable time with our families. Where do they get off making this decision? I don’t remember seeing it on the ballot.

My daughter objects to this disrupted flow of normalcy and I object to the infringement. Maybe it’s just me, but I like to prepare for Christmas and Thanksgiving at my own pace. I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t like everything on her plate to touch each other. To savor each item with its own unique flavors. It’s the same for my holidays. If a 5-year old thinks that this is wrong, then we should too. And after all, the children is what is all about. This is who were are doing it for.

I’m Just Sayin…

5 thoughts on “Skipping Thanksgiving

  1. Hi there, my name is Jenna and I live in NorCal – I’ve been reading your stuff for a while… found you by googleing Twilight. You have great stuff here… keep it up and I hope that book becomes a reality for you. I especially like when you write stuff about your relationships… you have this calmness but still leaves the reader with the feeling that there is a lion beneath. I read the News & Reviews religiously and you would so fit as a columnist… think about it.

  2. Yep
    Thanksgiving is for a family meal to be all togeather eat be marry and sleep off the meal my grandaughter is so right…………… Christmas is down the road after all the fall colors have come and gone until then we can enjoy them and play in them baby……..

  3. That’s a very punk-rock view. :-). I don’t mind skipping Thanks Giving because the holidays just signal a time when everyone gets the flu and fights. Bah humbug dude.

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