Exchange or Refund?


There’s this huge part of me that wants to return my life and exchange it for some one elses. I just can’t stand one more minute. I’ve never met anyone who has shared their life with me and out shown me in the drama department. I know I’m one-of-a-kind and there is no one like me. But seriously, my family life is like a really horrible soap opera. I won’t get into describing the details because you can tune into any soap opera and experience it for your self. But I’m currently smack dab in the middle of some serious drama. Being pulled in so many directions, all of which I can not control. I can barely help, let alone solve. I can’t turn the channel and watch something else, I can’t divorce my family, so I was wondering. I know Wal-Mart takes back just about anything, do you think I could return my life and get a refund? Or maybe just an exchange?

Put me back up on the shelf and let someone else pick me. Although I might want to rethink that too. What store would I exchange my life too? Because then I’d be obligated to that store. So maybe I’ll just keep mine.

I’ll just suck it up and keep mine. My luck sucks so I’d probably end up getting an even lamer life then the one currently running me through the ringer.

-Grandpa in the hospital fighting for his life -My mom going through chemo -My boyfriends daughter going through very much avoidable family drama -A transition of bosses with position on shakey ground -Getting run down with Girl Scouts -Feeling overwhelmed with depressing feelings -The dreaded Holiday seasons coming up -Missing my sister & dad who live 3,000 miles away -My Angelic cousin slash pretend daughter turning 17…just to name a few, incase you where wondering.


4 thoughts on “Exchange or Refund?

  1. We choose friends, God chooses family – the placement criteria is a mystery but then again all things Holy seem to be on the mysterious side. A friend once told me that you can’t choose your family, you can only choose or friends. I know you did not ask for advice on this but I would like to offer you luck in finding peace with the hand you have been dealt and hope that you choose wisely those that are friends and close to your heart.

    Again, I must say, you are an eloquent writer and hope that you continue on your goal of publication… I feel you are destined for greatness!

    1. I have to agree with you. I have very few friends and alot of family. So I’m assuming God has a grander plan. My daddy told me, “If you can count all your friends on 1 hand, you are very lucky.”

      I know my family tries my patients. But I am strong and a pretty smart cookie, I’m sure I’ll manage. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to read my blog. It means a lot to me.


  2. Because after a very short labor. I have a beautiful little girl and I was fully in love with her the very frist time our eyes met. I am more inlove with her everyday. She not only loved me back and filled my life with joy everyday since. she impresses me all the time,Iam so proude to say she is my daughter and she is stonger than her mother was at her age and wiser. So what ever life thows at you kid I know you are woman, hear her roar. She will come out at the end of the light every time . When it come time for you to be strong for me I know you will. So no you can’t trade in your family B it as is this is to be………………………………

    1. I love you mom and hope that I can teach my daughter the lesson’s you’ve taught me….Lord only know’s how stubborn she is now. I’m proud to be your daughter.

      I love you.

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