Bitten By A Vampire

Art Work By:

(This is my edited version of a dream I wrote out and submitted as a final term paper for my class. I’m currently awaiting my grade.)

      Deep in the mountains, I could feel the coldness creeping around my prickled skin. As I stepped out of the car, the moon was bright as the sun, casting a grayish glow through the trees. In spite of the late hour a cute little blonde girl was playing on the front lawn.

      I was perplexed by the sight of a child playing alone at night and naturally was fearful for her. As I watched her play, I realized that there was something different about her, something abnormal. A simple flick of her wrist caused the ball to stop in its place, then bounce back to her. She wore a long ruffled dress and tattered blonde tresses passed her waist. I knew she had seen me when the ball stopped mid bounce and, with a swish of her head, she made eye contact with me and then immediately resumed bouncing the ball.

      Tristan grabbed my hand as I stood staring at the girl. Passing with a quick step, I headed up the stairs, still looking over my shoulder. She stood there, holding the ball and watching me, piercing me with a sinister glance from under her long lashes. She had the most evil-looking eyes that I’d ever seen on a child. In that split second, my heart raced as if I were being hunted by a mountain lion. With a wicked grin turning up one corner of her lip, she snapped her head as she darted away out of my sight, quicker then anything humanly possible.

       As Tristan escorted me into his home, I realized just how nervous I felt about what I had seen outside and what I might still encounter inside. As I walked into the darkened living room, a damp smell hung in the air like a humid cloud clinging to every piece of furniture.

            I took a seat on the sofa as Tristan lit the fire place. When the flame finally sparked the lights in the house flickered on. Tristan glided over to a chair opposite me, sitting with an elegant posture he motioned with his hand for me to start the interview. Tristan had agreed I could interview him as long as I followed his one condition. Not reporting where he lives.

            “Who was that little girl,” I asked, beginning the interview, “and why was she playing outside alone this late at night? Where are her parents? I’d never let a child of mine—“

My words spilled out in a violent tirade, until he interrupted me.

            “She is a vampire child. Her parents died some time ago, and she has been captured in her small frame. Do not let her looks fool you she is the most devious of children, though hardly a child at all. Her mind works like the serial killer’s of your time. But her smallness has handicapped her in ways.”

      “She gets her delights,” he continued, “by letting her prey fall victim to her childlike innocence. Fear blazes in their eyes as her superb hearing tracks their heartfelt, silent pleas for mercy; then they eventually succumb to her lust for blood.”

            “Is that how you survive? On human blood?” I asked.

            “It’s a craving we can’t ignore, though nothing like a drug. It’s a necessity. We can not survive without it.”

            “Are there many like you and her?” I asked tilting my head towards the door.

            “There are far more then you could imagine.”

            “Do you transform into bats or fog?”

            “Feeding allows us to be the strongest of all creatures, and we’re lightning quick. With our powers of transformation, we can travel any way we see fit.”

            “Why do you bite the neck?”

            “There are other places to feed. It all depends on the situation and our prey during feeding time. The neck contains a mouth-watering artery which is the most vulnerable, the most convenient for us.”

            “What other places?” I continued my questioning without hesitation.

            “The wrist is rather charming, it’s conveniently offered to us when our prey struggle to defend themselves. For far more intimate encounters, the succulent femoral artery is completely irresistible.” He said this with a wink, making my heart flip flop.

He noticed my discomfort. “Are you all right?”

            “Ye…yeah. Why?” I replied hesitantly, said with a shaking voice.

            “I can hear your pretty heart fluttering. Nervous?” He remained completely motionless in his statue-like carriage, his eyes mesmerizing me frozen where I sat.

            “Are you sure about that? The blood beneath your skin is racing.”

            “Should I be afraid?”

            “I presume not. I did invite you.” Even in my anxious condition, his elegant articulation was hard to overlook.     

“Then I’m not.” I lied.

            “Please. Continue.” He gestured with the roll of his hand.

            “Where does that little girl live?”

            “Misha lives on the other side. She’s quite fond of you. I can hear her listening to us.

            “Are you parched?”

            “A little bit.” I regained my composure, adjusting in my seat.

            “Perhaps a warm merlot?”

            “Sounds tasty,” and with a blink he was gone. Startled, I stood up feeling the heat from the fire blowing against my face. I watched the flames dance as a chilled gust of wind came from behind. My heart was pounding once again. Swiftly I turned around. My heart flinched as I made eye contact with the little girl, who stood centered in the living room.

            “Hhh…hello.” I stuttered nervously, astonished at how she entered Tristan’s house.

     Staring at me with her menacing eyes, not responding to me. She was a bit closer, I could see that her dress was torn and filthy. The bows in her hair and the boots she wore were disheveled. I noticed that she was standing on her tippy toes. She leaned forward and her head protruded from her shoulders. The toes of her boots scraped across the wooden floor carrying her body closer to me. Her head snapped back and her eyes fixed on the doorway to the living room. I looked around to see what had stopped her approach, but only emptiness stood in the entrance. Not wanting to become her victim I immediately turned back to the little girl. She was gone, the front door shutting behind her.

            Entering the room, Tristan must have noticed the fright in my face. He flew over to me, taking my hand and guiding me back to the sofa.

            “Are you all right?” He seemed concerned for me.

            “I can’t…breathe…my…heart—“ I stammered. Sitting down beside me on the velvety sofa he lifted my feet forcing me to recline further, making me feel even more vulnerable. I had to catch my breath. My heart would not stop pounding.

            “Please relax,” he said, comforting me, “As long as I’m here, you’re safe. I won’t allow anything to happen.” The confidence in his voice left me speechless.

            “But she was in here.”

            “Who?” He seemed confused.

            “Misha.” My body shivered from the memory of her. “She was standing right behind me, I didn’t hear her come in.”

            “Do you wish to continue or would you rather go home now?”

            “I’d like to continue.” I heard myself saying, in spite of my fear. “I’m in no hurry, as I came here to do a job, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing. I have a deadline to meet.”

            “If you wish.” Taking a seat next me.

            “How do you become a vampire?” I asked with a sudden determination.

            “Most do not get that choice. The vampire drains your body almost completely and then he feeds you his own blood, allowing the venom to spread. After this, your blood thirst starts its course through your body. The process will remain unfinished, until you feed off human blood, forcing the battle of bloods to rage deep inside. Which ever prevails, so unfolds your fate. You’ll either die or become vampire.”

            I must have passed out during his explanation. I woke up startled,  lying in a prone position in an unfamiliar bed. I was covered with heavy blankets, fear seeping back into my mind. Sitting up, I noticed a dark figure in a chair at the foot of the bed. I was trying to focus on the dark figure, when all of a sudden the lights came on. Struggling once again to focus my eyes, this time through the blinding light, I suddenly recognized the now familiar figure of Tristan.

            “Tired?” He questioned.

            “Where am I?” I asked rubbing my eyes.

            “In my guest room? I was afraid you’d wake and be frightened.”

            “Yes…tired. I’ve never felt this debilitated before.” My eyes were drooping.    

            “When vampires hunt, they seize your energy. I’m not surprised. You may sleep if you wish. I will stay with you until dawn but that is the most I can offer. At the break of light, I can not keep watch.”         

            “I understand. I will leave—” as I yawned.

            “Remember our promise.” He said firmly.

            “Of course.” Scooting under the heavy blankets, Tristan dimmed the lights. That’s all it took for me to drift back to sleep.

            Abruptly, I felt a searing pain that jolted me awake. I was fighting to catch my breath, trying to save my fragile grip on existence. Someone was sucking the life out of me. I could feel it slipping away. It felt as if I were struggling to reach the surface, after having lost all my air under water. My heart was hammering so hard that I thought it was going to explode. Fear ripped through me as I gazed down and suddenly recognized the source of my pain. I wanted to get away, to stand up and run, but I couldn’t budge from my position on the bed. My veins and organs began to contract and shrivel from the absence of blood. The pain hurt beyond words, it was slowly receding, somehow becoming almost tolerable. Before I could get a grip on what was happening, the weight of my own fear paralyzed me in place.

     Misha’s blonde hair was smeared in blood. I couldn’t scream or move. She paused, with a quick turn of her head, to leer at me. Through her blood soaked teeth and lips, she smiled at me. With a quick, unnatural flick of her head, she returned to devouring my blood. Hearing the gnawing at my inner-thigh, I realized the war was over before it began. Feeling my life slip away at such a fast pace, I tried to free myself, but it was useless.

            The door flew open slamming against the wall. For a brief moment, Misha paused, looking up at Tristan. I felt her nails dig into my skin, as if to claim her feast.

*                        *                        *                      *

  I woke up sitting in the total darkness, feeling my pounding heart race. I knew all at once, from the warmth of my familiar blankets and the reassuring snoring of my sleeping boyfriend beside me, that it had all been nothing more than a dream. But what a dream it had been! And with it had come the answers to my long-awaited questions.


6 thoughts on “Bitten By A Vampire

  1. OOhhhh, “I can hear your pretty heart fluttering. Nervous?” He remained completely motionless in his statue-like carriage, his eyes mesmerizing me frozen where I sat….You write.

    I love the dynamic between the characters. Vampires can be so damned sexy anyway, and you made a lovely contrast here, between fear and attraction. You’re an excellent writer. When you wrote about your “A” I remembered Ralphie from A Christmas Story with his A++++++++ fantasy across the blackboard, only to be shot down in his dreams for a gun for Christmas. Here, Madame, you dreamed and produced a real live, much deserved “A”. I’d have added a few plusses if I’d have been your teacher! XOXOXO

  2. Wow… I had a dream I was bit by Snuggle Bear!!! 🙂 Sorry, just wanted to comment something… Whether it was a dream or not, the story was interesting and well written.

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