Happy New Year 2010

Hello everyone! I want to take this time to say, Thank you for your patients this year and for allowing my thoughts to linger in your mind. Also for taking the time out of your day to visit my site and sharing your thoughts with me. From the bottom of my heart,

Thank You!

            Just to tie up all those lose ends, I thought I’d share some moments with you from 2009 and to conclude any post that may have left you reeling for an ending.

            First, my daughter Aubry failed her eye exam at school and has recently been diagnosed with astigmatism. The good women at Dr. Barriga’s office in Red Bluff fitted her with the most adorable pair of black glitter Barbie frames. Upon asking Aubry why she had to wear glasses, her response was, “Because I have a stick-in-em.”

Also while at Foodmaxx Aubry had a wonderful conversation with the cashier about boyfriends. Aubry stated, “I need to get a boyfriend,” and the cashier said, “Why do you need a boyfriend?” To our amazement Aubry said, “Because everyone has a boyfriend and they are takin em all and I won’t get any.” The cashier reassured her that it’s 6 to 1 and her odds were pretty good. And last but not least, on Christmas Eve Aubry lost her first tooth.

Kenny is becoming quit the man. He’s strong, sweet and sensitive and finding out that girl’s are freakin HOT! Thanks to his Grandpa, Aaron and his Aunty. He spent the summer in Mississippi and Tennessee, getting introduced to NBA basketball players, women at Hooters and a little hard work. He performed in the play Guys & Doll’s Jr. and wowed the crowd with his dancing skills. He amazed the shit out of me. Told me nothing about being paired with an older girl from school, whipping her across the dance floor and bowing her. I think he might just make a fine husband. Up next: his Neurology doctor, Dr. Chrietein is planning another sleep-deprived EEG for this summer with some blood work as well, to see if Kenny can start being weaned off his Epilepsy medication.

Our resident tomboy, Ms. Madison is doing wonderfully in 1st grade. Excelling in Math. She’s really starting to fill-out her large personality. Not to mention she is really getting to be quick witted, just like her daddy. She had a wonderful Christmas and finally got her “Cheerleader dress” from Santa. Although Santa didn’t exactly listen to her specifics. Her cheerleader dress was supposed to be Red and White not purple and silver and it was supposed to have a #6 on the front, not sequins.

The always sassy and devine Angelica is now in her final year of high school, carring wonderful grades. She plans on attending Shasta College when she finishes. She’s landed herself a much wanted and needed job at JC Penny’s, working along side my best friend from high school, the witty Nichole. Angel has since captured the heart of her long time friend Ryan, a.k.a. Jacob (the werewolf). She’s on the home stretch to her graduation day.

My sister and her boyfriend Aaron are frolicking in the south’s winter enjoying each other. Encouraging these people to move to California is proving to be quite the task for me. Hopefully God will soon make my sister someone’s mommy. She’s kept her dogs alive, I think she’s ready.

My dad on the other hand, recently recieved a cute little chow/lab mix from his WONDERFUL DAUGHTERS for christmas. Since the passing of his beloved Sam, Capri may just keep him busy. If that fails, the NBA player’s will keep him employed.  He’s training dogs in Collierville at the Puppy Korral.

My mom is finishing up her chemo therapy. Her out-come is looking pretty awesome. She’s taken on the task of caring for her dad,  my grandpa. After a brush with death, some heart complications and a small stint at the rehab hospital, he’ll be back to his normal self in no time.

Jaden is finishing up kindergarten and doing an awesome job. He’s breakin hearts and lovin every bit of it. He’s still a little terrorist but his heart is pure gold.

 As for me, I’ve put my book on hold for a bit as I’ve been editing so much that I am losing track, not to mention, the witches and vampires are wearing me down. However, I have started another story. A bit of a summer time romance between high school seniors. Also, I’m on my 2nd to the last module with school and I’m carrying a 3.97 GPA. My plans for next year, is to spend more time with my family and friends, complete a blog post every other day and complete my school before my birthday. Rafe and I are doing awesome and our relationship is getting stronger and stronger. I will be on hiatus until January 4th, 2010. Until then…enjoy your holiday and be save.

See ya next year!

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