Thing’s That Really Pi$$ Me Off

Oh Really! Seriously?

  1. Arguing with my boyfriend over money.
  2. The sound of my fish tank with not enough water in it.
  3. Stepping out of the shower on to rugs sprinkled with dirty cat litter.
  4. A smelly cat litter box.
  5. Sitting down on the toilet, later finding out I sat on someone else’s urine drops on the toilet seat.
  6. Back aches from sitting all day at work.
  7. Getting caught doing something stupid and being judged by it.
  8. Being the only woman working in a male dominate environment.
  9. Being put in my place by those male dominate co-workers.
  10. Having to be responsible, all the time.
  11. Letting my anger out in front of my family.
  12. People chewing/sipping chips, gum, soup, coffee, Capt. Crunch cereal.
  13. Trash spilling out of the trash cans.
  14. People not knocking on the door before entering.
  15. Sitting down to relax, forgetting that I was cooking something.
  16. Sitting down to relax, being asked to solve the worlds problems.
  17. Math.
  18. Sitting down to relax, having to referee my kids arguing/fighting.
  19. Balancing my check book.
  20. Tailgaters.
  21. Bitchy waitresses.
  22. Spending large amounts of money on: holidays/birthdays/other people/myself/bills.
  23. Rude people.
  24. Comics who aren’t funny but think they are.
  25. Backstabbers.
  26. Two-faced people.
  27. Going up in pants and bra sizes.
  28. Wearing out my favorite pair of shoe’s.
  29. Dealing with ANY ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.
  30. People picking on my kids.
  31. Bouncing a check, or two, or three.
  32. Knowing the answer, but no one believing you.
  33. and then they find out you were right all along, but still not wanting to believe you.
  34. People who pronounce known words wrongly. (Example: Library=Liberry, Ruin=Ru-un)
  35. People singing known songs, but with the wrong lyrics.
  36. People saying “I’m sorry” but not really meaning it.
  37. People saying “I’m sorry” but just saying it to end the conversation and move on.
  38. Forgetting to pay a bill because the website was down when you went to go pay it and forgot to return once it was back up and running.
  39. Spending money on bills.
  40. Realizing at midnight, after a long frustratingly hard day at work I forgot to tell my kids “I love you” before they fell asleep.
  41. Being quoted one price for a car maintenance job, and paying a higher price once the job is done.
  42. Stepping on: glass/thumb tacks/nails/little green army men at night/Barbie shoes…
  43. Realizing I can’t cradle my kids anymore because they don’t fit in my arms any more.
  44. Speaking to my ex-husband about parenting our children.
  45. Looking at my cluttered house.
  46. Taking a bath in the tub, realizing I forgot to clean it out.
  47. Buying liquid products (soap/hair gel/perfume/moon sand) that my children think belongs in the drain rather then being used.
  48. Wearing a sweater in the rain.
  49. Biting my cheek/lip/tongue, while talking….yeah…while talking.
  50. Jamming my toe on the coffee table/bed/chair, but not really getting my toe so much as in-between two toes.
  51. Getting a cracked windshield, flat tire, in the same day.
  52. Not being able to do something, only because I can’t do it because I’m a girl.
  53. Forgetting to take the movies back, after two months.
  54. Being criticized because I complain about I’m cold, my fingers are frozen and my toes fell off, while just sitting in my office at work.
  55.  My nipples being noticeable through my shirt, not because it’s cold outside.
  56. When hair stylist cut your hair too short and make you look like a boy.
  57. Break outs.
  58. Having big boobs and not being able to wear normal outfits for my body size.
  59. Wanting to kiss someone, but their breath smells rancid from the cat shit they ate.
  60. Cleaning up pointless messes that my kids make. (Example: soap and hair gel mixed with moon sand in the bathroom sink that is being clogged up by the huge amount of tissue jammed in the drain or the body soap and perfume mixed with moon sand that is sprinkled in their bedroom carpet)
  61. Waitresses not doing their job.
  62. Being screwed in the drive-thru.
  63. Liars.
  64. People who don’t think I’m smart or old enough.
  65. Having too many dumb blonde moments that people actually doubt my talent/intelligence/know-how.

That pretty much sums it up. I seriously sat down tonight, thinking I’d only be able to come up with 5 or 6 reasons…but I’d have to say, I’m impressed. I honestly feel so much better getting these off my chest.

I hate to start off the New Year with a blog post about this topic, but maybe I can use it as a reference point to change 2010 or maybe I can think of 60 + things that make me happy. Hmmmmm…will see

6 thoughts on “Thing’s That Really Pi$$ Me Off

  1. Wow again, crack me up! i can relate to the cat shit but more like a sewer,Ewe.your tooo funny love ya. looking forward to more happiness with your blogs.smiles and blessings. How do i get rid if this green thing?

  2. Once again, dearie, you have put a smile on my face. Your perspective on life is always connected to your kids and that’s what has given me the impression that you are a great mom!

    Oh and Happy New Year – you are ripe for being discovered by literary giants – I just feel it!

    1. Thank you for the compliments. I truely looking forward everytime to reading your comments. (I actually get excited when I see that I’ve got a comment from) so for that, I thank you.

      Happy New Year to you too. I’d love to get published and write some great book, but writing my blog and having someone not related to me comment on my blog is just as good as getting published in my opinion.

      Sincerely greatful,

  3. In regards to #35…You would love my own renditions of traditional christmas songs! Hey its the only thing helps get me through all that holiday crap at work!

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