New Moon The Score Music By Alexandre Desplat

After listening to the New Moon Score CD a few hundred times, I thought I’d share it with you. It comes from the French composer Alexandre Desplat. He not only composed the New Moon Score but he has done plenty of other movie scores, such as The Golden Compass, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Fantastic Mr. Fox, among others.

The way his melodies capture the tone of the emotions, they flow right through you as you listen. Some of his songs paint the visual picture in your mind with little imaginational effort. (If that’s even a word) I personally like, “Dream Catcher” and “Marry Me, Bella”.

I’ve also introduced my kids to musical scores. Often times you can see my kids, with their eyes closed resting their heads back in the momvan listening to the melodic tones. I’ve taught them to try and find the beats, listen to the notes and to call out what instrument is playing that certain note or sound or to name the emotion expressed in particular song.


Hopefully they will appreciate music like me…..

Aubry has asked me to put her name in my blog somewhere…..

Edward & Aubry

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