My Name On The Cover

Seeing my name printed on a book that I penned myself from an idea that I had is my dream. This dream is the same for the actor wanting to see their name in lights on a marquee or a singer composing their first CD and getting a record deal. Together they work as one, a circle of life if you really think about it.

A person has a life experience that they write into a song. The singer pairs the song with some percussion and rhythm creating a melody through lyrics. The writer hears the song and becomes inspired and writes a compelling story. The director turns the story into a screen play, thus giving the actor his acting material and bringing the chain to a close.

All of these elements take talent to begin and years to perfect. Writing is easy, however the writing industry is hard.  Anyone can and should write, but taking writing to a whole other level is hard. Just to name a few:

            *Most published writer’s are over 35

            *Most published writer’s need to have several completed books

            *Most published writer’s should know the process of submitting a manuscript

            *And most important, all writer’s have to be disciplined enough in their craft

So for people to question me as to why I’m “stalling” or “taking so long to finish my book”, I enjoy writing as much as sex, chocolate, and sleep; maybe more so. I have so much to learn in perfecting my talent and I’m only 30 years old. I know people who put their writing before their families. I know people who work themselves to death for their writing, and maybe one day that will make sense to me. But for right now I am working at my pace, enjoying my children and making sure that I keep writing. I will not rush my talent or rush my family for my writing so that I can appease those who don’t understand the writing process. Until I get a pay check with a deadline, I will continue to write whenever and however I want.

I know I’m an excellent writer. I hope one day a publisher see’s my work and see’s my potential. Until then I will enjoy writing at my speed learning as much as possible along my journey and if that gets me published then I will celebrate.

5 thoughts on “My Name On The Cover

  1. Sounds like you are talking about me :-). I tend to put writing above all else but my children. I put it above family, friends, work…everyone is different in their pace. I write a lot and often, learning mistakes as I go and correcting them. Where as someone who doesn’t write often learns before they make mistakes on paper/screen–either way everyone is learning. Pressuring anyone to do anything doesn’t get things done. So do whatever feels right for you.

    1. I wasn’t writing about any one person, just the people in general who keep bullying me into “Hurry up and get published already. Quit dicking around.” I’ve seen people for sake their children so that they could go hiking in the mountains because that was their passion. I am enjoying my journey as a writer becoming an author. Just like the first year of a child’s life, the journey is precisious and you want to make the most of it. And I agree. Everyone is different in their approach.

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