Love In Fiction vs. Love In Life

The relationship between Love in fiction and Love in life are the same– and different. The characters portrayed in romantic fiction mimic Love in life on a grander scale. Like a carefully composed song that’s played for the appreciation of an audience is Love in fiction. Romantic stories capture your heart and take you on a journey of heart break and renewed love and passion. Your body feels each emotion as you turn the pages. You can feel the man’s eyes starring at you from the pages, wrapping his arms around you and gently laying a kiss on your lips from the book. Love in fiction is perfectly plotted. All the right thing’s said at all the right moments in all the right ways with just the right amount of emotion. The picture is painted and imprinted in the reader’s own imagination.

Love in life isn’t so calculated and intricately woven. Human error allows for fumbles and mistakes. When you long for that much needed hug at the end of the day and it doesn’t manifest or your lover smashes your nose when you lean in for the kiss, that’s Love in life. Reality can only imitate fiction, it can’t replicate it flawlessly.

The joy is that you can have both, unlike many thing’s in life. With Love in fiction and Love in life, you can have your cake and eat it too. If you’re lucky to find a person who shares your joy’s and longs to make you happy, yet can still handle your flaws and short comings all the while you can pick up a romance novel and allow it to engulf your mind and keep romance alive within your hands, then you may just be the richest person in life.

On a side note, it’s rather unfair to compare real life love to literature love because that bar is set perpetually high. Instead, use it as a guide-line to keep your actions in check or to set the mood for a planned romantic evening with your Love.

5 thoughts on “Love In Fiction vs. Love In Life

  1. I really rather prefer Love in Fiction. I’m not so good at love in real life, but Love in Fiction….I can handle it all day long 😉 But you’re correct, for those emottionally balanced enough, to have both is an option.

    In other news, I meant to tell you about One-Story. They take short story submissions all year and they’re a cool little publication. Maybe a potential avenue?

  2. Wow alena that spoke out to me so much. Because i am a hopless romantic and live to love i understand this and it means a lot to me.

    1. It means a lot to ME that you understood what I wrote. For so long, I couldn’t wait for you to learn to read and when I found out, your mom used; grounding you from the library, as punishment, I knew I only had a little bit longer before you were able to understand me and the meanings of the written word. I enjoy your input as well as your happiness when I see you look into Ryan’s happy face. Love YA GIRL!

  3. All i can say is that i am so happy that my baby loves her daddy.
    And yes i would die for my babies.
    I never had much money but i had a lot of love for my girls.
    To show them that a dads love is more then life.
    Love your DADDY

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