Drum Roll Please….

Good afternoon, evening, whichever it might be. I am so friggin happy with myself today as I finally got my grade back on my written exam for my creative writing class. The professors instructions were,   1)It had to be a short story using 1,000-1,500 words   2)Show a “Linear Ending” or use the “Flashback Technique”.

The story I used, had started out as a dream and I posted it on my blog. I decided I would try to fine-tune the dream into more details and easier read-ability. So naturally being the over achieving student that I am, I noticed the instructions said, “Linear Ending” OR “Flashback Technique”. I called my school, asking them if I could use both techniques in one story. They insisted that I pick ONE but that if I felt I could pull it off, I could use both.

I worked on my writing and couldn’t squeeze everything into 1,500 words. I was presented with a dilemma.   1) Submit the story at 1,800 words and take a lower grade but my story would stand tall and proud as I wouldn’t have to sacrifice the integrity of my story for a mere word count problem   2) Cut more out of my story, lose the over-all plot rhythm of my story and get a lower grade…oh the choices.

My true-to-heart-writing-mind decided to submit my story with 1,800 words. Though I haven’t received my professor’s critique of my written exam, I did receive my grade today online…..(Drum roll please)………………….92%!!!!!!!!!!!!! My highest grade yet.  So with out further ado, I will repost my work of art for all to read…if you’d like. (Click the link below)



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