Things That Really Make Me Happy

1. Warm socks…ok warm feet.

2. My cat falling asleep on my lap.

3. My daughter sitting too close to me in my uncomfortable recliner.

4. Hearing the magic words, “I Love You”.

5. Tender kisses at random.

6. Babies falling asleep on my chest.

7. Looking at my son’s freehand drawings.

8. Gourmet Chocolate

9. My daughter’s ability to multi-task at 6yrs.

10. My step-daughter calling me mom when she feels comfortable.

11. Sleeping children.

12. Iris and Tulips blooming in my front yard.

13. My car warmed up on a cold winter morning.

14. Waitresses that do their jobs well enough that  I don’t have to ask for anything.

15. Being cuddled at night when I sleep.

16. Not having to do dishes.

17. Not having to cook dinner.

18. Finding money that I didn’t know I had lost.

19. Writing and any kind of writing, (my blog, my book, my journal)

20. Peppermint Mocha’s & Banana Nut Bread from Starbucks.

21. Seeing my mom enjoy her Olive Garden dinner that we share.

22. The soft scent and warmness of a newborn baby.

23. Being surprised, only when it’s done correctly. Meaning I never find out about until the surprise happens.

24. A perfectly fitted pair of jeans…(why do they call them a “pair” when they are 1 pant..hmmm)

25. Chocolate

26. Discovering a kick ass band/song/CD/album on my own.

27.  New shoes.

28. Watching my dad watch Nascar/Football.

29. The smell of my sisters hairspray.

30. Speaking of sister, I love how my sisters bed is sooo comfy.

31. Seeing the happiness in Angel’s eyes when she speaks of her boyfriend.

32. Falling in love with a new book

33. Curve cologne.

34. The fresh smell of my boyfriends skin when he gets out of the shower.

35. Over hearing my kids talking about me…”My mom is awesome!”

36. Listening to baby…errr…I mean…Big Boy Conner explain to me, “When I grow up I’m gonna be a dinosaur…”

37. Days I don’t have back pain.

38. Autumn nights sitting on the porch swing nestled next to my boyfriend watching the kids ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac.

39. A well seasoned steak cooked on the grill.

40. Watching my cats play fight.

41. Starring into Jaden’s deep chocolate brown eyes.

42. My daughter sleeping in her brother’s bed, under her brother’s blankets, wearing her brothers pajamas.

43. Watching Rilee, Jaden and Kenny on the motorcycle

44. Hearing kids and babies laugh uncontrollably.

45. Chocolate…did I mention that already?

46. My daughter wearing my shoe’s and saying “She’s beautiful now.”

47. My son confessing his sins to me without being asked to.

48. My boyfriends arms around me at night.

49. My cat laying on my cold feet.

50. Hearing my sister say, “I love you sis.”

51. Our Christmas tree.

52. Spending time with my cousin’s family.

53. Knowing Angel is almost out of the woods of a chaotic childhood

54. My grandpa okra strew

55. The smell of my grandma Mary’s lotion.

56. The lit up smile on my grandpa’s face when I come over with my family to visit.

57. Having enough money to pay my bills.

58. Cashing my income tax return check

59. Seeing my mom out and about, feeling good.

60. Funyonions

61. People commenting on my blog or subscribing to my blog

62. A clean, DRY, towel hanging up in the bathroom as I get out of the shower.

63. A song that inspires or helps me with my writing.

64. A comfortable couch.

65. Dinner being cooked for me.

66. My laundry cleaned and hung up without me doing it.

67. The fact that you took the time to read through my list… 🙂

68. Just being ME!

69. Ending on a good note, MY BOYFRIEND!

4 thoughts on “Things That Really Make Me Happy

  1. Ah, your list makes me happy. Happy people make me happy. PS, I’m an awesome waitress, it’s nice to know that makes people happy. Usually, the only vocal “guests” are the ones who are up-set, usually about something over which I have no control. But a good waitress made the list? Nice. I also like chocolate, but I’d have to add Asian food (anything with rice noodles and soy sauce!!!) to a happy list if I made one. In fact, you’ve inspired me to do just that, perhaps I’ll put it in the cover of my journal. Thanks girlie.

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