Writing Critique

Oh the words bring fear and excitement to the tip of my overly worked mind. But as I’ve posted earlier, I submitted my Vampire story/dream to my class instructor and received a very good grade. But it was the writing critique that I was the most interested in.

I’ve had people from all walks of life tell me, “Wow! You’re a good writer” “You paint pictures with words that I can not only see but feel”. Those words of encouragement should be enough, right? They make me feel good in the moment but later when I’m laying in bed pondering my talent as writer I second guess those compliments. “Where they just saying that to be nice? Would they read my whole book if it were published? Heck my dad and my sister rarely read my blog in its entirety”

The class instructor graded the story leaving her red pen marks on a few choice punctuation problems. I was having a problem with “writing in fragments” and was plagued with the “over use of commas”. I know I’m not the greatest at punctuation but I get by. I looked at each one of the corrections and hesitated, trying to think about how I could fix this particular correction and avoid making the mistake again.

Then I turned the page and found the professor’s writing critique. My heart was racing and I began reading it out loud as my boyfriend sat by my side. Each word I spoke, damn near fumbled off my tongue because I was so nervous.

Here are a few snippets from the letter that I’d like to share with you.

My overall impression of your story is a very positive one. This is a well-developed plot with excellent and exceptional use of dialogue–a difficult skill for many student authors–and exquisite descriptive passages. The writing style is polished and professional. There are some minor errors, but in all of the important areas you excel. Creatively, you are one of the strongest writers I have seen in this program in a while.” 

I don’t want to be partial to just the positive comments here is a more corrective comment. (Is that a word?)

If you had a problem previously with incomplete sentences, the problem has all but disappeared. I marked an example on page 6 where you tried to use a participle in place of a subject and a main verb, but if you are only going to make an error like this once in 8 pages, I wouldn’t worry about it very much. “–Mildred Rainey

I am so excited! A real-life professional thinks I’m a “polished and professional” writer. I don’t care if I never get published…(ok secretly I do) I am gonna frame this letter.

On another upbeat side note: A dear friend of mine, who is also a very talented writer, (http://modestonfire.wordpress.com) also received awesome news today. I don’t want to toot her horn, but she received feedback on a manuscript that she wrote and was given the magic words of encouragement on her talented writing abilities.

4 thoughts on “Writing Critique

  1. Beautiful Baby, Great job. But your momma told you you were good and your Gradma told you were great. Now you take it and run with ,,,, If I had pompoms I would sing you a cheer….. I love you and I’m really proud of you…..Love your MOM

  2. Makes you feel all bubbly inside, right? I’m stoked we are both on this roller coaster at the same time.I’m looking forward to reading some of your pro writing in the furture.Just wait until you finish a manuscript–believe me, it’s a high like no other.

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