“Put ’em up, put ’em up!”–Cowardly Lion

CON·FI·DENCE- belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance

 I’ve come to a point in my life which I never thought would arrive, a time when I hold my head up high, and I don’t look down my nose at the same time. With my shoulder’s back I can now walk with confidence, not staring at my feet or dodging someone’s eye contact. My days are filled with serenity in knowing I won’t be coming home to a fight with a man who vowed to love me forever. I’m not afraid to sleep because of what haunts me or living with uncertainty. I don’t have someone working to break me down in everything he does. I don’t have to worry about losing my sanity. I take comfort now in coming home.

Confidence I think is the worst thing for someone to steal from another person. I know what it feels like to walk in my own dark shadow. To be held prisoner in my own body. I’ve experienced low self esteem, the feeling worthlessness and to be unattractive.

But the beauty of being in my shoe’s now is in the fact that my greatness has always been there. It was the little voice in my heart telling me that everything will be ok and that I will make it through. Most of those trying days, that voice was a low whisper to me. Some days all but forgotten.

When you surround yourself with positive people who don’t cut you down, except you for the wonderful person that you are, and you’re allowed to love someone with all your heart, wonderful things happen. When you cut the bad and hurtful strings connected to you, your wings spread and the blinders come off and the world awaits your involvement.

Love takes hold of your inner greatness, beginning the process of sealing the holes, stitching up the seams, and mending the wounds. Only then can you see yourself as magnificent and capable. Grab the bull by the horns, rope it in and show it whose boss! Be confident in yourself and everything will fall into place, home in your heart surrounded my all thing’s warm and comfy.


6 thoughts on ““Put ’em up, put ’em up!”–Cowardly Lion

  1. It is so wonderful to hear that you are happy and content with your life right now. You have been through so much, and I am proud to be the friend of such a strong woman. I think all those hard times definitely help appreciate when we have it good. If it’s the only good thing we get out of our past experiences, at least we can move on from it all. I’m so glad we got back in touch!

  2. Girlie, we do work on thawing ourselves out, don’t we? But it seems your frost is melting. Sometimes those trials can be precious, because the comparison with the past and the beautiful present is so dramatic. I’m so grateful you’ve found your center and happiness. You deserve it! Much love to you!!! XOXO

  3. What you explain here is the way it is when you give your life to Jesus and he give’s you that pure love he becomes your heart the evilness cant abound in your being.He gets all my praise.I love you.ox

  4. You go girl! I so love reading your stuff. Each time I find something i can take away. Oh and I’m glad you survived the van experience.

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