No body puts Aubry in the corner

I’ve spent many years, ok well, 6 years to be exact. Raising my daughter to never take no for an answer, pursue your dreams, and try to do as much as you can on your own and never be afraid to ask for help. Seems about right….right? Well not as of recently. I’m continually being called by school office personnel, assistants, and other adults surrounding my daughter, because she can’t seem to control her stubbornness and inability to give a crap about what adults tell her to do. How dare you speak to the princess like that! Are you talking to me like that? Oh no she didn’t.

Marching to the beat of her own drum and deciding when and where she wants to sit and learn, she seems to think it’s up to her. I don’t remember telling her she didn’t have to listen to her teachers. I don’t remember telling her she can just take other people’s belongings. And I certainly don’t remember allowing her to treat other’s rudely.

I love her with all my heart and I’m so proud of everything she does, even when it’s burping louder then most people. (She gets it from me) But I don’t want her kicked out of kindergarten because she kicked another student. I don’t want her kicked out of her after-school program because she stole their office keys. I need to rein in her Girl Power and start pulling some of her magic dust back in.

Maybe I gave her too much to start with. Now I need to start teaching her to use it sparingly. Like most kids her age it should have been apparent when I seen her use of glitter in art class. I could spot her project from the parking lot. Less is more, was never an option for my Aubry. But this is a time now where I need to show her patients, relaxation, and understanding.

You can be a fighter and you can be strong, but if you don’t know when to choose your battles or when excessive force is not ok, then it’s not going to be a tool for her, it’s going to be her kryptonite.

::::UPDATE::::While she was sitting in time out she stole my lotion, cell phone charger and a package of batteries from the table sitting to the left of her in the above picture…Lord have mercy.

11 thoughts on “No body puts Aubry in the corner

  1. A tough nut to crack, that one! Willingly accepting her punishment and while laughing and plotting on the inside “What next?”. She ain’t stupid…… she is on a mission from GOD (Blues Brothers Plug) to teach TOLERANCE, COMPASSION, and ACCEPTANCE…. However, I shudder to think that I am failing her tests…. I still try. Like mother, like daughter….

  2. But she’s still only five and just five at that. Becareful of what you say and do…. Do with lots of love and care…. I hate to see that picture of her and I can’t even see her face but I know what it looks like… Because I’v seen that face on you when you were a little girl…. But I know you must break her from this or at least teach her how to use it in the right way…. you are a great Mommy,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Yes! A roman candle would be a good representation of my Aubry. Once you light her fuse, she screams and hollars and then launches her assaults. And there is rarely never just one, it’s always followed by two or three rounds.

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