Music, mu·sic, Muse-ic…That’s it!

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A lot of writer’s main muse for inspiration is– aptly named– MUSIC. Maybe I’m just more in tune with myself and my creativity but as of lately I have been finding music everywhere that just seems to strum my creative guitar.

In movies, song’s play as theme music to certain moments. Well I am perpetually listening to all kinds of music on my MP3 player. I’m not really that picky when it comes to music. Constantly I find myself walking to the beat of the drums, watching people talk in sync with the lyrics to my song, or the wind swaying to the violin.

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I know music is a time machine of sorts. You can be transported back to a particular time in your life or think of someone with just one note of a song. That is the reason why so many of us love music. It permeates into our ears, transforms our minds and flows through our veins.

When the perfect melody finds your heart, its almost as if it explodes into pieces, shattering through out your body taking up residence in your memories. Only to be recalled when that particular song plays again.

If you talk to anyone who knows me, the most common thing they’d say is, “She’s got the memory of an elephant.” I truly believe this is because I listen to so much music and can associate meticulous sounds in song’s to many people, events, and places in my memory that I’ve been blessed to have, fairly easily.

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The pleasure of having a boyfriend who loves to spoil me with all thing’s media related, is I get to travel my creative milky-way to the melodic tunes of great singers and song writers. I get to dance to my own life’s theme music and share it with my beautiful readers.

 Thank You!

10 thoughts on “Music, mu·sic, Muse-ic…That’s it!

  1. UMmmmmmmm! you think maybe you and Beth got this bust-a-move to the mop and Madona from your Momma, I think yes, I don’t like any one kind of music but love alot of it. When you both were still at home we did all the cleanninhg to tunes, And Mommy started singing and playing music to you both while you grew inside of me, always sang to you cradle in my arms,this is my most loving memories was to look into my babyies eyes when there all snugged up with me and sing to them, some days I still long for those moments today. I love my baby girls they will always be babys to me, no matter how big they grow or how old they are…………………….

  2. You’re speakin my language with this one. Music is my BFF when I’m writing. I have a soundtrack for every story I write. When I have speed metal and classic country on the same play-list, you know somethin’ crazy’s comin’ out the kitchen.

  3. So that’s where I get the dancing and cleaning thing. I decided every morning I’m going to get my kids up for school by playing music we can dance to and get ready for the day because it always makes the day better.
    Love lil sis

  4. What is the song that you put on here? I like it. 🙂 It’s very true about how music gets integrated into certain memories for us. Sometimes if the song itself is particularly significant, I will remember the first time I heard the song, and where I was, etc. Interesting musings today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Tell ’em how you dance by the printer when you think no one is looking, or how you are the WORST DJ!!! Over and over and over and over and over……

    1. I don’t dance by the printer, I dance in the kitchen listening to Madonna’s “Holiday” while mopping the floor…DUH! I am the best DJ ever, just ask Aubry.

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