A Student Called A “Loser!” By Her Teacher

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Loser by definition- –noun

1. a person, team, nation, etc., that loses.

2. Informal.

a. a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or, esp., a felony.

b. a person who has failed at a particular activity.

c. someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance, etc.

3. Slang. a misfit, esp. someone who has never or seldom been successful at a job, personal relationship, etc.

A student at Enka Middle School in Buncome County North Carolina received a corrected paper back from her 6th grade teacher– who has been teaching for 12 years– stating across the top of her paper and circled with a highlighter marker, “-20% off for being a loser.

The mother said the student had received several of these notes on her daughters papers from the teacher in the past. But now that the student is being bullied by classmates, the mother decided to confront the principle about these “Loser” notes again. The principle, administration at the school and other parents, are supporting the teacher’s “style of relating to his students.”


What is going on here? At what point is it ok for a teacher to relate to a student by calling her a “Loser.” By definition I hardly think she fits the criteria. And furthermore what level is he trying to relate to her on? What scale of “Loser” is he grading her upon? Now I know the teacher could just be “Joking” with the student, but this happened more then once and again after the parent expressed her wishes for this to stop, it continued.

I’m so proud of this mother for taking this matter to the media and national news because lord only knows what else is happening in this school. Teacher’s are supposed to teach and encourage not dispel and ridicule a students already fragile self-worth. 6th grade is a difficult transformation period in any child’s life.

This is why we need to make sure we teach our children to be independent, open minded and to speak up when “things” just ain’t right. To stand up for yourself and make these dip shits realize that students/children are going to be taking care of us one day. They’re going to be running this country. We don’t want anymore Bush Presidents or CEO’s running companies with a “Loser” status. We need confident and strong individuals standing proud and pushing away shit like this.

Protect our innocent children from creeps like this teacher. It’s only a matter of time before these close-minded bastards retire and receive their orders to Golden Acres and for their sake they better hope they don’t end up with a charge nurse named Bertha who was wronged by her teacher when she was younger.

We need to stand up for our children and their education. Start getting more involved with your children’s teachers. Make them aware of how committed you are to your child’s learning mind and that you aren’t the parent who just sends them off to school for babysitting.

On a side note: This is what I would’ve told my son or daughter if this happened to them. “Oh really? A loser huh? Well you have my permission to call your teacher an Idiot by name. Example: Can I have my paper graded now Idiot?”

Why, you say, would I allow my child to speak like that? Because my child is just trying to relate to his/her teacher. I know two wrong’s don’t make a right. But I’ll be damned if my child will idly sit by and allow a teacher to disrespect him/her.


13 thoughts on “A Student Called A “Loser!” By Her Teacher

  1. I can’t help but wonder what the faculty/administration of the school would think when they find out,in a sudden and very unpleasant moment that a child that they have bullied has an extremely violent, psychologically unstable parent who was bullied when he was in school and never got to taste the sweet satisfaction of revenge?

    1. I would have to agree with you. Sheds new light on those “school shooting” cases doesn’t it. Not to say that that is how your supposed to handle the situation but it just puts a different spin on it. With so much negativity in the world it just pains me that this teacher would do such a vile thing to a student.

  2. I can only imagine what that would be like. You are so right, no child deserves such treatment from an adult who is in authority over them. Since when does being a loser affect your GPA? There are so many socially loserish people who get awesome grades and go on to do great things. An 11 year old girl is NOT the person to target, when making a “joke” like that. It is very definitely NOT an ok way to relate with 6th graders.

    On a sidenote of my own, who still names their poor daughters Bertha? I think they’re just asking for it. 😉

    1. Silly Banessa. That “Bertha” chick was my metaphor. As in, I hope that teacher doesn’t get old and end up in a home with a nurse in charge of him named Bertha who was wronged by a teacher in her past childhood…

      The comment you made about the Loser status and GPA was classic!

  3. When I got to the part where you quote the teacher’s note, I had to take off my glasses, pour another cup of coffee, steady myself on the edge of the table, then sit back down. When I re-read it I felt no less horrified. Damn. And also good for you! I’d tell my kid the same thing. I love the “Can you grade my paper now, fucker?” HHHHHAhahahahaha! Oh, and much love to you.

    1. Yeah. I did about the same thing. My blood went from a normal 98.7 to WTF! in like a second. I just can’t believe the mom was so calm about it. My kid’s school know me by first name for a reason!

  4. I would seriously consider doing some nice artwork on this teachers car! I dont know maybe something like “Im a loser and I have a small penis” in the brightest paint I could get my hands on!

  5. Well that’s a Columbine moment waiting to happen. The teacher is just as much a bully as the students. That teacher needs some school yard justice.

  6. I love what you would tell your daughter. I know that for me, middle school was the worst since I got picked on by classmates. My life would have been hell if my teachers were also saying hurtful things.

    1. I can only imagine what this poor student is having to put up with now that it’s hit the news. She, of all students, needs a public aplology from this teacher and school.

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