Born Into My Heart




     She was born in my heart long before I met her. She gives me a feeling I adore. Her daddy yearned for a daughter, even after plenty of professionals told him he’d never have one.

     She has his smile and beautiful heart. She has her momma’s up beat laughter and gentle eyes. She shares my love for all thing’s chocolate and fleece blankets on her feet.

     Her wild fashion sense is all her own. Her joyous voice belting out innocent melodies from familiar songs imprints her child-like face into my memory– better then any digital image ever could.

     Watching her sleep at only six years old, cradled in her daddy’s comforting and secure hands warms my soul. The way she folds her arms and cocks her head to the side, reassures me that her daddy’s blood is racing through her veins.

     No playground slide or swimming pool is neither too steep or too deep for her. She will cannon ball into the biggest mud puddle with or without her princess tutu or baseball cap on. She always has the best hiding places and the wittiest come-backs. She sleeps in the most contorted ways and yet still makes it look comfortable.

     She has the warmest hugs filled with the deepest love. The sparkle in her eyes, lights up any room. When you kiss her nose the feelings shows. She is the bestest big sister and the toughest little sister ever. She is the smartest 1st grader this side of the country– I’m sure of it. She has the cutest little hands and the longest hair. She has the loudest, stinkiest farts around, but we all love her dearly for just being– Madison Renee’. She will grow up so beautifuly

“Every time I see your bubbly face, I get the tingles in a silly place”– Colbie Caillat


10 thoughts on “Born Into My Heart

  1. I love this little girl as she is my granddaughter.
    The warm smile she gives the big hugs,and you know i love her long hair. I am so glad that you and Rafe understand that it takes two people to raise kids with love and hugs.
    I love all of my grand kids. I all three of them!!!!!!
    All my love to you and them.

    PS love your daddy/your father-in-law/your grandpa

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a precious little girl! Thank you for sharing with us…I can’t wait to meet her! Not only are you blessed with her but she is blessed with two wonderful people in her life(you n rafe!)! Yay for happy families!!!

  3. I want to comment, but I don’t know where to start. This is my most favorite post yet. I listen to the music, and look at the words… All I can do is cry like a little girl… I have a books worth of comments, but I can’t seem to put them into words to share with strangers. Looking at her pictures, and hearing you express the same love I feel for her brings deep emotions inside of me that I cannot express in a literary manner. It is “written all over my face”… Joy, longing, grateful, blessed, sad, happy. Seeing my daughter in “print” really hits home that I am a DADDY, and I am overcome with emotions. You have completely described Madison to a “T”. Thank you.

    1. I know I have the stupidest way of showing my emotions and I realized that last night. I love Madison so much that I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I am so glad her parents, decided to let me share this gem with my beloved blog reader’s.

  4. Obviously her wit and humor comes from her mother, too. Love the pictures and the sound track…this is a lovely post. My biological clock has never really kicked in, but if I were going to do something like that, this post would do it. The very warmth of this post is reminescent of your mother daughter bond. Lots of love to you! Not that your cup doesn’t already runneth over 🙂

  5. Thank you…. this brought tears of joy to me… I know she makes my heart tingle, but to know she has these effects on others makes me want to cry… I love this little girl with all my heart!

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