My Green M&M


I would like to introduce to you to an amazing woman. She’s overcome a lot of hardships, she’s been to the other side of the moon, (not literally of course), and she’s loved many. She has a proclivity for color and fashion and an array of bold language. Introducing, my sister, BethAnn, (one word).

She’s not like most sisters, at least I don’t think she is, although I’ve only really known one. She has an amazing heart though many will never see it, know it, or feel it because she’s got a pretty hard candy shell around it. For the few who have had the chance to feels its warm hug and wet kisses, its the most amazing sensation. She has the ability to make you feel like the center of the universe, the most amazing person on the planet, the most gloriously beautiful being in the city. She’s incredibly thoughtful and has the funniest laugh, (its addicting).

But for those who will never get to see this side of my wonderful sister or who have wronged her enough to make her turn an icy shoulder to you, I feel sorry for you. She can be the most vile woman a man will ever experience short of just being crazy and it’s never done without justifiable cause. Now if you are a woman who has danced over to her bad side, sheesh! Let’s just say, you will know exactly what you did wrong, why she thinks it’s wrong and how it will never be repeated.

Now let me back up for a moment and give you a bit of background. My M&M of a sister, (hard candy shell with a gooey center), has watched our youngest sibling die at the tender age of 2 weeks old, she’s busted both her knee’s on the dance floor of the school gym, (I’ve always wondered what dance moves she was doing), she’s rollerbladed down a damn near 90 degree angle hill only to bust out her front tooth which gives her character these days, she’s been the cheerleader, the trend setter, the disadvantaged reader, the high school graduate, the cosmetology graduate, the barmaid, the server, the other woman, the woman, the other daughter, the daughter, and MY BEST FRIEND.

I know that when life hands me a million dollars she’s the first person I’d spend it on, when life handed me some pretty nasty lemon’s she was there to help turn it into a beautiful lemon cake and from here on out there is nothing on this planet that will ever separate us.

We have most of the same childhood memories because we are only 5 years apart. Therefore we’ve shared a room, shared many laughs and many, many tears as I am the older sister and she, well is the younger most annoying whiny sister. But I would never take one second back. I prayed every single night the whole time my mom was pregnant with her. Doctor visit after doctor visit they told my mom she was having a boy. Even after the sonogram you couldn’t convince me that she was a little brother, because I prayed to God. I told him I wanted a sister. Never once did I slip up and forget and ask for a brother. And by golly, God had my back and gave me what I asked for. So neener neener. God gave me the most beautiful, the most perfect, the most annoyingly wonderful kid sister EVER!

5 thoughts on “My Green M&M

  1. ”bethann” is such a dork she tripps over every thing a ant a top of a slice of grass and even her shadow shes funny 🙂 lol sincerly kenny

  2. It’s really good, but like all your wrighttings too short, yes I wanted to read more. I love the fact that my girls are so close and can talk to each oth about anything, thats what sisters shoud be. I always told them to look out for each other and they will always have each other no matter what and to be there for eacih other. I sure love you both so much. but You know I love all my angels God gave me. But he knew what he was doing when he blessed me with you two stay with me. He knew you two would bless my heart many time over. I LOVE YOU MOM

  3. Love it girl! Serving as the big sister in the family, I feel your pain. But they’re great, aren’t they? And terrible, but let’s not get started on that. If I had a million, I’d drop it on my sisters, too. Well, them and my dog. You know how I do. XOXO

  4. That is awesome, I LOVE the “neener neener” part the most. I found that to be a wonderful tribute to your sister. From what I know of her, “nail on the head”…

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