I must, I must, I must increase or I’ll bust!

The essentials to pull off a good grade


 Why hello my lovely readers! I’ve missed you so much. I must say I haven’t been very dependable lately. I’ve been rather busy reading and studying and I must say, I haven’t been getting very far as I’ve been doing more reading the studying. But I just want to make this blog site perfect and I want to be the very best writer that I can be so that I can keep you entertained and captivated by my witty charm, cunning diction and beautifully painted mental portraits. So I’ve decided to not post as frequently as I promised in my New Years Resolution. 

I took my exam last week and received an 85%. YEAH ME! But I can do much better and I’m at a pivotal time in my studies. This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. This is the time that I get to write 2 really awesome term papers and show off my mad skills. I have only one more module left before I graduate this course and become a certified credible creative writer. 

So I’d like to ask you, if you wouldn’t mind me posting every two weeks rather than every week? I’ve been feeling guilty for not posting as much and not giving any warning. I don’t want you to feel left out since I’ve included you in so much. I just kept playing over in my mind, my dear reader finding a moment in their busy schedules to bop over to my blog to read and discovering that I hadn’t posted anything new. I’m terribly sorry. 

I’ve got my essentials: Plenty of paper, check. MP3 player, check. Starbucks, check. My Muse, check. Creavitity and the confidence in knowing I can do this, check.


7 thoughts on “I must, I must, I must increase or I’ll bust!

  1. You bet….. My baby you go get it. Do your very best. We all will do the rest, By reading and commenting. I love you and very proud of you,,, break a leg.

  2. “…before I graduate this course and become a certified credible creative writer.” I think anyone who wants to be a writer is certifiable, you know, but I wish you the most luck with your papers, reaching your goal, and I’ll advise you that your readers will be here when you return. If not, you know I always dreamed of being a bounty hunter in another life….let me know if you need anyone hunted down. XOXO

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