Does your Perception meet your Expectations?

Yesterday Rafe and I were casually relaxing in the minivan in Chico awaiting the arrival of his daughter for our visitation weekend when we noticed an odd looking shopping cart.

            After we re-enacted using such a silly cart, making our comedic debut chastising the cart and its physical features, I convinced Rafe to take a picture for later reticule.

            I sat for about twenty minutes staring at the pictures taken from two different angles. Out of no where it dawned on me. If you look at the cart head on, it looks like a sturdy, trust worthy shopping companion. Ready and willing to hold or haul all of your shopping needs. It’s brightly yellow colored accessories invite you in, but once you pull it out and assess its dwarfed basket only inhibited by it’s purse seat (child seat), you would only have enough room to haul something a Keebler Elf could use. At that point, why even have a basket? If you were to place a child in the seat, would your merchandise be safe…or your child for that matter?

            My persistent mind pondered on the shopping cart and transcended into the dark depths of my mind. (I know right…it was scary). I tend to be the type of person who looks at a persons friendly smile, rough hands and curb appeal when I dish out my trust and respect. (You’d think after 31 years I would have learned my lesson by now).

Much like the goofy Keebler Elf cart, I took it at face value too. My expectations were at the highest point possible because of my initial perception of said cart. I assumed the vertically challenged cart was up to snuff for all of my shopping needs. But judging from its side view, the height, and length, I was in shock and awe…disappointed, even.

            I understood perception and expectation just a little better. Our entire lives are based on perceptions and expectations and rarely common sense. We perceive friends and strangers differently then we do our own flesh and blood. Our expectations are taught to be high, and I don’t know of a single high school or college course that teaches common sense.

            If you keep your expectations in check then our perceptions will be come clearer and more explicit.  Look at all of your choices from every angle before making a decision. Evaluate what your needs and wants are, keeping your expectations in view and you will almost never be blind sided by false hope, outrageous expectations that cloud your perceptions.

I've taken the liberty of highlighting it's major flaws for you.

Of course life will always throw you curve balls which you can adjust to o but at least you won’t be overwhelmed into desperate acts or depression. It’s sort of like the circus. Sure the bight lights, make-up and costumes are entertaining for a few hours, but at some point it all comes to an end, the lights go off, the make-up and costumes come off and you’re left with a sense of sadness and disappointment because the magic isn’t real and your expectations didn’t meet your perceptions.

BOTTOM LINE: Keep a clear perception of your expectations otherwise you’ll get caught pushing the short cart.

9 thoughts on “Does your Perception meet your Expectations?

  1. Pingback: Elf Pushing Cart
    1. Thank you. It’s amazing even to me that I was able to look at a simple cart and get such a blog inspiration. I’m still getting use to wordpress and notice your comment was a “pingback” and doesn’t show up on my blog comments…where might this “pingback” come from?

  2. So diverse. Dream blog made me cry. Angel of my heart made me smile and sigh with warmth. But this one made me laugh out loud or as you bloggers and face book works say – LOL! Thanks again for a nice read.

    1. Oh how I’ve missed you. Thank you for not forgetting me. Your comments make me “sigh with warmth” as well. I’m glad you enjoy my posts.


  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh! I love this post. I love what you have to say about perception, but I also love the execution of this post, especially where you draw a clean little diagram on the Keebler Elf cart. I tinkled a wee bit when I saw the side view of the thing. This is great girl!!!

    1. Thank you. It seems that I am quite perceptive when it comes to looking waaaay too deep into my mind. The one conclusion that I’ve heard most say to me regarding my parallels in this post are, “Only you’d see the common denominator between one deep idea and a short cart.” I laugh every time I see the my diagram of the cart.

  4. Where is my “like it” button? Oh, this isn’t facebook… crap! Couldn’t have said it better myself… My personal favorite is the line: “but at some point it all comes to an end, the lights go off, the make-up and costumes come off and you’re left with a sense of sadness and disappointment because the magic isn’t real”…. so true… The grass is only perceived to be greener on the other side, but unless the landscaper him/herself is taking care of the grass, the other side will be just as dead as the other when the sun comes out. This is what I perceive in these words…

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