Buy A Life Vest Will Ya!!

I know I’m going to come across as extremely insincere with this blog post but I’m outraged and need to vent.

Having had a camping trip last summer ruined because two grown men entered the water knowing they couldn’t swim. My boyfriend and I, along with 4 other people managed to bring them to the shore. One was breathing on his own, the other –well we still don’t know if he fully recovered as he was air lifted to a near by hospital were he remained for several weeks before the newspaper stopped reporting updates on his status. However he was pulled from the water, not breathing and without a pulse. Ten minutes of CPR brought on shallow breathing and a weak pulse.

It’s unclear if they learned their lesson as we were never thanked when their families returned for their camping equipment. We however, learned ours after pondering for the rest of the night. We went over and over all of the thing’s they did wrong, what they should have done, what we did wrong, and how we are going to do everything possible to ensure our children are always safe near water.

This summer we were shocked to learn that Wal-Mart and other stores sold life vest for as little as $20 and they came in every size from infant to very large adult. We bought each of three children one. Our daughter’s protested wearing them at first because they wanted to show off their new swimming suits. My response, “How cute will they look when you’re dead in the water from drowning?” They heard the voice of reason and never complained once about wearing them for the entire summer.

Six teenagers drowned needlessly because several sets of parents were lazy and lacked the common sense. Unfortunately their children paid the ultimate price for their lack of proper parenting or care for the safety of their children.

  “None of us could swim,” Robinson said. “They were yelling ‘help me, help me. Somebody please help me.’ It was nothing I could do but watch them drown one by one.” –said one family member.

 (Click here to read the original news article)

The original drowned victim was saved and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Save my family!” Just because the by-stander knew how to swim he was expected to save the other five people who didn’t properly prepare for a fun filled day barbecuing at the local watering hole. The drowning victim doesn’t just affect the rescuer. You’re selfishly altering the rescuer’s life 100%, even if you live.

The parents, who are supposed to protect their children and prepare them for life –didn’t. They allowed their children to go into the water, knowing they couldn’t swim, knowing they couldn’t save them if they were to drown. Did they teach their children to swim, did they buy lessons? No! Did they bring a rope at least? No! (Rope? You ask. They could have thrown it out to some of the victims and pulled them to shore)

If you can’t swim and you have no swimming lessons under you belt and you have no life vest, NO WATER FOR YOU JUST SPRINKLERS. It’s 2010 people. It’s not like swimming is a new concept here folks. Get some lessons. Buy a vest. It’s that simple. I’d even settle for a $2.50 Wal-Mart floatie. Something that will give your rescuer a chance to help save you. Bobbing in the water with some sort of floatation device is better then dying.


Check your local cities for swimming lessons.


2 thoughts on “Buy A Life Vest Will Ya!!

  1. Such a sad story, and needless, preventable deaths. Only one of the children made it out of that fiasco alive. Great blog.

    (Oh, the link you provided for the original article leads to the same place as the link regarding the life vests at Walmart, FYI.)

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