Piece By Peace, By Piece


I told you about my dad and his neck right? He was injured at work over 12 years ago and he cracked his neck which should have left him paralyzed but he had surgery to repair it. A stainless steel metal plate and 6 screws currently hold his spine together. Well the x-ray showed that if he doesn’t get the surgery to correct the plate and 6 screws that are currently livin it up in his neck already, within the year, he will loose total loss of mobility to the entire left side of his body.

Being that my dad had to re-learn a new trade after his initial injury, he now works for himself as a dog trainer. He has paid zero money into social security in last 10 years. Well the state of Mississippi has now declared my dad as “disabled”.

He filed for social security and is in the process of being denied. Which also includes being denied health care.He has a doctor telling him he needs to have the surgery done as soon as possible otherwise he will not be able to provide for his family which is currently his mom who is battling MS. Without the money or the healthcare he can’t have the surgery which will leave him unable to take care of himself or his mom much less be able to do anything else.

He was told to go into the hospital with his records showing his situation and make the hospital deal with it. They can’t turn him away.

I love my country but this healthcare stuff has got to change. That is why I voted for Obama…for my dad and my sister and everyone else who gets to watch loved ones fall to pieces, piece by piece.

I doubt that’s what God had in his plans. To watch my parents suffer. I just don’t understand and I may never understand.

When you are walking down the path of life and you are at a cross road, sometimes it’s a left or right turn as apposed to a 4 way. For a long time I was just a passenger in that car. But I watched my parents weigh their options before turning on their blinker and committing to a turn. Now that I’m the driver of my own car (my own life) I know these choices come at a very high price with severe consequences.

I know I’m not perfect, but I watched my parents make a decision and watched the bad decisions turn horrible and watched the good decisions prosper. I learned from their mistakes, but I am now doomed to watch them stumble apart from each other and reap the wake of their tides. I am powerless yet again and can not help. I don’t want to watch anymore, can you turn the channel?

4 thoughts on “Piece By Peace, By Piece

  1. This totally sucks… and I am sorry….
    But if I’ve learned one thing, a parent’s job is to teach their children. Love them, respect them, don’t give up on them, help them, learn from them, including their mistakes and their legacy will live on… Even pain has value and consequences must happen….. Whatever you do, do not change the channel….

  2. People often get denied multiple times before they get accepted. Just gotta keep on trying. I very much hope he gets it fixed soon.

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