Drive, Reverse, STOP!

There are many things we all do in our daily lives, but I decided to sit down and write out everything I do in a typical day. Though I was surprised, when I looked at the list, shocked really. I don’t want to claim I do it all, because I have the help of my wonderful boyfriend, Rafe, but maybe I’m just pushing myself too much. I want to relax and enjoy this time, and maybe one day I will, but in the meantime, sit back, read this post, and hopefully it will make you laugh, and appreciate every step and decision you make through out your day because our routines affect the routine of everyone around you. Make a list, check it twice, see where you’ve been naughty or nice and make some changes.

Hit the snooze 12 times before actually getting up, actually get out of bed/DRIVE, stop by Aubry’s room to wake her up, wake Kenny up, brush my teeth, go pee, re-wake Kenny up, re-wake Aubry up, get dressed, yell at kids to get out of bed for real’s this time, find my other shoe, hunt for my favorite shorts, begrudgingly put on Meek’s work shirt, help Aubry with drama episode #1, tell Kenny to brush his teeth & take his meds, wake Rafe up, find my purse, put my shoe’s on, help Aubry with drama episode #2, ask Kenny if he took his meds, make sure Kenny’s outfit matches and fits, help Aubry with her hairstyle while she brushes her teeth, help Aubry with hair drama episode #3, re-do Aubry’s hair, make coffee, inspect Aubry’s outfit for length & color scheme, double-check Aubry’s backpack/purse for contraband, hunt down Rafe for a good-bye kiss, kiss kids. Grab my purse, cell phone, book for the day, snack breakfast/coffee, head to the van. Keys in, sunglasses on, seatbelt locked, and REVERSE out of the drive-way, turn off the cul-de-sac, STOP! REVERSE into cul-de-sac, honk horn to have Aubry bring me my contact lens, kiss Aubry good-bye again.

DRIVE out of the cul-de-sac, slow down for school traffic, merge into death-trap-construction-zone interstate, slow for trucker traffic and idiot morning drivers, eennie meenie which lane to stay in depending on Cal-Trans drunk line painter lane, speed up for asshole tailgater IN A CONSTRUCTION ZONE, slow down for merging semi-truck, speed up to bypass traffic, slow down for on-coming construction zone, merge off interstate and into morning rush hour city traffic, arrive at designated lumber parking lot spot, STOP.

Grab my purse, cell phone, book for the day, snack breakfast/coffee, head into the office, go back to van for car keys, clock in, turn computer on, re-fill coffee cup, process incoming fax/orders, check phone messages, process a couple orders, answer lingering emails that were put off from yesterday, take phone off night mode, answer phone calls now, process orders, answer Tony’s intercom, answer Will’s email question, process order, send a fax, receive a fax, fix copy machine, re-fax unsent/jammed fax, send an email, process order, answer phone, call yard guy on 2-way radio, answer phone, eat breakfast, answer text message from my sister, file yesterday’s paper work, answer phone, process order, find yesterday’s missing paper that has letter’s and number’s on it that Tony is freakin out about, find said paper on top of Tony’s desk, change date stamp, send fax, process order, answer phone, take trash out.

DRIVE up to the store to get the courier bag, hand Julie her bag, chitchat with Julie, make fun of Tony, make Steve feel like a moron cause he likes it, chitchat with Julie, head back to my car, DRIVE back to my designated lumber parking lot spot, STOP.

Head into the office, go back to van for car keys, process incoming fax/orders, check phone messages, process a couple orders, answer Will’s email question, process order, send a fax, receive a fax, fix copy machine, re-fax unsent/jammed fax, send an email, process order, answer phone, call yard guy on 2-way radio, answer phone, process order, look up dispatch address, I repeat these steps a few more times, then I go to lunch.

Leave the office and DRIVE somewhere else then my office desk. Call boyfriend, call sister, call mom, call dad, order drive-thru lunch, pay for lunch, DRIVE to the park, answer sister’s text, check yahoo email via cell phone, read my book and eat my lunch and for a few precious moments I enjoy the sun beating on my arm and fell the breeze blow through the driver’s side window and listen to the birds chirping.

DRIVE back to my designated lumber parking lot spot, STOP. Go into the office, answer emails, process order, go back to van for car keys, send a fax, receive a fax, process orders, invoice, truck drivers, answer phone, send an email, answer phone, give driver his dispatch, process order, update price sheet, make a spreadsheet, get Google map for drive, invoice another truck, answer phone, scan invoice, send an email, answer phone, answer intercom question to unknown salesman, give driver his dispatch.

DRIVE driver to his truck at the truck shop, DRIVE back to office, park in lumber spot, remember car keys, process order, invoice truck, give truck driver his dispatch, answer email, answer phone, answer phone, transfer phone to Tony, Tony doesn’t answer give caller Tony’s cell phone number, invoice truck, drink a glass of water, call yard guys on 2-way, re-call yard guys on 2-way, realize yard guys are already gone for the day, run out to the truck shed find missing yard guy paper work, invoice truck, give driver his dispatch, answer email, answer text from boyfriend and mom, answer the phone, invoice last truck, lay dispatch on my desk for driver, gather all courier bag paperwork, shove them in the bag, remember to turn the label, zip the bag, grab my cell, wonder where my purse is, put phone on night mode, shut computer off, grab coffee cup, search for my purse, got my keys, realize I left my purse in the car, get courier bag, clock-out.

Get in the van, drop courier bag off, buckle seat belt, merge into rush hour city traffic, merge into interstate, slow for construction zone, slow for semi truck, read text message, turn volume up on the music, turn air on, roll window down. Weave in and out of traffic depending on the flow of traffic, slow for construction zone, merge off interstate, merge into Red Bluff, STOP at light, slow for idiot driver, go through 4-way STOP, pull into drive way.

Go pee, kick shoes off into closet, slide into flip-flops, make Aubry change her shoes, explain to Aubry you can’t go to cheer practice in high heels, take Aubry’s jewelry off, help Aubry with drama episode #4, help Kenny find his belt/pads/cleats/water-bottle/etc., pull Aubry’s hair into a pony tail, get Kenny and Aubry’s granola bar, head to the car, say HI to Rafe, REVERSE out of the drive-way, help Aubry with drama episode #5.

DRIVE to Red Bluff High School for football/cheer practice, sit for the next 2 hours listening to the crashing of helmets with a faint echo of cheers in the background, listen to Rafe tell me about his day, listen to our new friends explaining various thing’s going on in their neck of the woods, watch Kenny practice football, hand kids their snack, help Aubry with drama episode #6, say good-bye to our friends, toss gear into trunk, DRIVE out of the parking lot, head back home, check the mail, DRIVE into the drive-way.

Get kids on homework, help Aubry with drama episode #7, go over what happened at school, check Facebook, answer text from mom, help Rafe with dinner/dishes, send Kenny to the shower, help complete dishes/dinner, try to listen to Rafe explain his day or vice versa, have Aubry pick up her stuff in the living, ask Kenny if he washed every thing as his shower was too quick, help Rafe plate dinner, help Aubry with drama episode #8, try to remember what’s on TV tonight, eat dinner, explain to Aubry that dinner is good and she must eat, listen to Kenny tease his sister, help Aubry with drama episode #9, argue with Aubry to eat some of her dinner, watch TV, tease Rafe about something to make him laugh, have Aubry put her nearly untouched dinner on the counter, send Aubry to the shower, ask Kenny about his homework, send Kenny to take his meds, help Aubry turn the shower on, watch TV, start a conversation with Rafe, help Aubry wash her hair, continue conversation with Rafe, help Aubry find a towel, send Kenny to get his PJ’s on, answer text, check Facebook, watch TV, remember I was talking to Rafe and try to start the conversation again, send Aubry to get out of the towel and go get in PJ’s, watch TV, dry Aubry’s hair, watch TV, send kids to bed, help Aubry with drama episode #9, check to see if Kenny took his meds, hand Kenny his meds and a glass of water, kiss Kenny good-night and tell him I love him, send Aubry to bed again, kiss her good-night and tell her I love her, continue conversation with Rafe, watch TV, start to fall asleep in the chair, ask Rafe if he’s ready for bed, shut locks on front door, turn off living room lamp, turn off hallway light, go pee, brush my teeth, turn on closet light, get into PJ’s.

Climb into bed, set alarm, grab ear plugs, re-check alarm time, grab my book of the day, get out of bed to take contacts off, climb back into bed, grab book of the day, insert one ear plug, try to relax, snuggle close to Rafe, say good-night, give good-night kiss, turn over and read book of the day, read a few pages, insert other ear plug, shut off light, and pass the fuck out so I can start this all over again tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Drive, Reverse, STOP!

  1. It is truly amazing that you even had time to reproduce. Sounds like a maid, chauffer, and nanny are in order so that you and that fabulous boyfriend can have some adult time. I love reading your blog; it reflects not only your most intimate thoughts but also portrays you in a way that makes me feel that I know you – that we would be fabulous friends for sure!

    1. Yes. Reproducing…hmmm I agree. We are constantly yelling at the maid. She never does the dishes and we always have to do the laundry, then we realize, “Oh we don’t have a maid. Well…shoot! Now what are we gonna do.” I love the comments my readers leave on my blog as much as my readers love my blog. 😉 I don’t doubt we’d be great friends, even though I consider us friends now. People tell me I should just write books about my life, but I tell them, “With my life? Yeah right. The publisher would have to publish it in Fiction because they wouldn’t believe all of this happened to me…no one would belive it was real.” But I thank you for your wonderful comments and your trips to my blog.

  2. Well I know how you do it, I do it with three. I wouldn’t even sit down and attempt to write about it. I get tired just thinking about the whole process. I know if I stopped to think about it, I probably wouldn’t do it. Liked reading about someone else doing this crazy life. Thanks for the share!!

      1. With no kids in the house this is what I’ve done today! I have gone thru the entire house gathered up all the laundry, separated it into towels, sheets, black, white and misc. colored. I removed all the bedding off of A. and N.’s beds, made up their beds, stacked their large collection of stuffed animals on the ends of their beds and picked up and toys on their floor. I’ve swept of the back porch, cleaned the dog’s water bowl, added new water and put the dog in the garage so he doesn’t die of heat exhaustion.
        Then I opened the hot tub lid, YUCK so I added algeacide and Chlorine turned that bad boy on high. I also decided it needed fresh water so I did that too. It’s currently on cycle one. This I can walk away from now!
        Now I’ve completed the whites and the blacks, wash, dry and fold, however I haven’t put them away yet. I folded a load of E’s stuff and have it setting on my bed ready for him to put away. Oh yeah I also went to church this morning and talked to the kids on the phone for a few minutes! It is currently 3:59pm and I’m not done with my chores. I need to go take a break…LOL

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