Heavenly Sleep Interrupted By The Boogie Man

Sleep to me is priceless. Clean refreshing body, comfy jammies that don’t bunch, shift or constrict under the sheets, a plush mattress and a marshmellowy pillow in a very dark room with a light breeze and a soft hum from the ceiling fan is divine…to me anyway. This is what I look forward to each and every night.

But as I get older and my body starts its aging process I’m waking up with stiff cracking joints, sore muscles and a grogy mind. All before 8am. The days of sleeping in until the butt crack of noon, are slipping further and further away.

So why would I risk jeopardizing my sleep for a scary movie? Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. The sad part is the movie wasn’t really that scary. (After.Life in case you were wondering) I went to bed after watching it and decided to read for a bit to clear my head. I woke up at midnight FREAKED OUT and stayed awake until 4:35am, only to wake up at 6:45am. Ten minutes before my alarm was set to go off.

I couldn’t understand why my rational brain couldn’t shake the fear long enough for me to fall back to sleep. After praying, blessing my dreams, trying to talk myself out of it, and meditation (which usually works) I came to a conclusion.

I have a very vivid imagination. It usually doesn’t take much of a spark to set the blaze off in my mind. Give me a simple hint, clue, idea, thought, etc and I’m off and running. Like picturing stories in my head, seeing events happening, and experiencing far off lands that I’ve never been to.

“Paranormal Activity” “The Blair Witch Project” “The Fourth Kind” are movies that catch me double checking my locks and windows at night, being more aware of my surroundings but usually I have no problem sleeping. The realistic thrillers, such as “The Exorcist” “Gates of Hell” “Event Horizon” “Pet Sematary” are the movies that shake me to the core. These, I indulge in rarely. For several reasons, I seem to rationalize these types of movies in my dreams altering their characters to familiar people I know and love, I change their settings to places I’ve been, and I can make sense of the movies plot in relation to what the over-all intentions where. Thus making my dreams memorable and even scarier then the actual movie, once I’m awake.

Lying in my dark room in my comfortable bed, sandwiched between my boyfriend and my cats, (which I believe are actual humans trapped in feline bodies), should make me feel safe yet my eyes kept blinking rapidly to adjust to the darkness only to find I had left my closet door open, which I know I’d shut. Did I remember to lock the front door when I was closing down the living room for the evening? How long was I asleep? What if someone is in the house? WHAT IF they are in my closet and they can see me? I’m going to have to get out of bed and go check but the lights are off and if I turn them on they’ll know someone is awake so I’ll have to keep them off and walk in the dark…oh my gosh what if it’s not a person at all what if it’s a scary demon spirit coming for me or my family…

I don’t understand why the paranoia sets in or why I carry on like that. What I do know is it’s not worth it, to throw away heavenly sleep for a scary movie. Not to mention, I become a hysterical mother for a couple of days after.

“GET OFF THAT SWING SET!” The chain could snap while you’re swinging and toss you off, onto the ground and you could die. Ok, maybe that’s too dramatic. I don’t actually say that, but I do think it to myself.

So I will stick to my comedies and romantic chick-flicks because they make me laugh, they give me hope that happiness is actually obtainable and I can peacefully sleep after watching them. Which I might add, is conducive to running a household like ours.


5 thoughts on “Heavenly Sleep Interrupted By The Boogie Man

  1. Okay you totally sound just like me! I can’t let my children go to ChuckECheese anymore because I saw a CSI episode once that was in a similar type of restaurant. The bad guy killed a lil’ girl in the bathroom with a restaurant full of people and he was an employee of the place. They did the checking of kids hands to make sure they had the stamps and everything and a kid was killed anyway. What you suppose is a comfortable and safe atmosphere for your children was completely obliterated in my mind just from watching that one show. So obviously don’t invite us to a birthday party there unless you are hiring body guards as a part of the entourage! LOL
    I only watch a scary movie if I have a chick flick to watch after, otherwise I just don’t sleep or the movie creeps into my dreams and I’m restless all night because I’m fighting zombies or ghosts…

  2. HHhhahahhaha! It’s not funny but it is because I know how NOT funny it is from personal experience. Poor thing, I hope you get a nap. Great writing, as usual, but you forgot a very important movie genre….. Action!!! Yes, from whence we get The 300 and The Expendables! Porn for single women, inspiration for men. XOXO Love the post.

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