Really? Are you serious? Nut uh! OMG!

 I will start by saying I’m livid pissed right now. At the government, at my city, the economy, jobs in general, bosses and co-workers and my weird neighbor has me perplexed. I will explain.

I know the  government/Fat Cats are sitting somewhere right now at 10:25 pm thinking of ways to make the economy thing better. I know my boss, your boss, everyone’s bosses are in some bar or restaurant thinking of how they can manage the company better so that they can give their employee‘s a christmas bonus this season. I know our city officials are policing the law books to keep our children save from creepies.

Who am I kidding. Our bosses are doing the same thing the government is doing, pushing money from one pocket to the other and raping the tax payers while they do it. I’m so tired of the shit these people get away with. The recession is far from over. I’d know, I work in the lumber industry and we are already seeing lay-offs within the company seasonally early.

Just because these fat cats were born into privilege or had the abilities or resources to make it to college, doesn’t mean they can dictate the world. The value on a dollar is all printed on I.O.U. paper, but yet people like Rafe and I, are struggling. Which doesn’t make any sense. We get the same amount of hours per week. We haven’t received any raises in the last two years. We work full-time, with benefits and our jobs are pretty stable. Rafe’s been at his job for over 13 years and I will hit my 5 years this March. Yet, we are having to down size our cable, our phone, our internet, our cell phones, our luxuries that we could afford a year and a half ago. WE HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENT. We only subscribed to these luxuries because we could afford them and have been affording them, but we are forced to make drastic changes in the thing’s we’ve earned. We don’t have huge debts to pay, we don’t owe people money like 1/2 america does, because we worked and paid and lived within our means.

Only now we get told at work, “Oh by the way, Chatty Kathy and Blabbing Betty have been laid off. So we know you’re already giving 100% but we know you can give 120%, we see what you do in your spare time on Facebook. Clever huh? So anyway, more work and you get the same pay. Cause the company is making cuts every where and well, I’m sure you’d rather be working here then standing in line at the unemployment office…right Sucker Sam?”

Well to that I say, “Riiiighhhht. Well that cookie your dangling in my face is getting stale and I’ve evaluated my standings in this company and if I walk out the door, I’m taking all my clients with me, as well as your top two working employee’s. So unless you can function without us, I suggest you BACK THE FUCK UP AND LET ME DO MY JOB. STOP PAYING FOR YOUR SPOILED CHILDREN’S LIFE MISTAKES AND START INVESTING SOME FUCKIN MONEY BACK INTO THIS COMPANY AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PARKING SPACE. I’ll be at Starbucks until after lunch!”

Of course I won’t quit my job, I have no co-workers will to protest with me and my clients are the damn unicorns running a stampede in my head. But sometimes, it just feels like life is caving in all around, even though we’re spinning our hamster wheels as fast as they’ll go.

As for my neighbor, I couldn’t sleep last night and so I opened my front door to watch the cats sit by the screen monitoring trespassers and what do I see at 12:03 am? My crazy neighbor with a hook for hand, back out of his drive-way and proceed to wash his car. This anal retentive military macho man is mysteriously washing his car. I’m pretty sure he killed someone and was washing the blood from his car, because its way more entertaining to think about that then how our local lawyers and judges are letting people like Rachel Limon out of jail…possibly.

In closing, I will just say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS…I pray.



6 thoughts on “Really? Are you serious? Nut uh! OMG!

  1. This is yet another side of you. This felt really real. I actually laughed out loud as they say. I know that if we were to meet in the real world that I would truly like you. Hope all is well for you and your family. Until…

    1. Yes, I wear many faces and speak many feelings and often people get to see the “bitch” come out. This blog then becomes theraputic. I’m sure we’d be great friends.

  2. The case involving that sicko Rachel…seriously makes me ill. It’s cases like that, that make vigilanty justice seem like a splendid idea. Anyone with me on that one?

    1. Right on sista. I think if Rachel gets out, it should then be left up to the community to teach her a lesson. That lesson being, jail was a lot easier then real life. We, as part of the community, can help teach this lesson, by refusing to rent to her, hire her, serve her, drive her, etc. Shun her! They do it in other countries. If she continues to struggle outside of jail, eventually someone on the streets, a little more creepy and darker then her, will find her and justice will be served…cold and ruthless.

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