Thanksgiving At My House

   It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow at my house. We will be starting the preparations tonight after I get home from work and after Madison arrives from Chico with her Daddy. We will be enjoying the company of each other and a couple guests. Football will probably be on our flat screen and the kids will be running about the house, nibbling from the appetizers and asking to help cook Thanksgiving. I will have them make rice crispy treats and chocolate moose, (I know that’s not how it’s spelled but I like to spell it that way) and we will have a relaxed evening digesting our grub. I will enjoy watching my dad pace the kitchen and living room as he waits for the moment I need his advice or help all the while stealing a piece of whatever I’m preparing. I will be calmed by looking to my side and seeing Rafe stand beside me, covered in some kind of sauce or have buttery fingers while his glasses fall from the top of his head.

   There will be a winter chill zipping through my neighborhood, shaking the birds from the trees outside while the sun warms the soil in my planter containing my daisy flower that seems to be seasonally confused as she watches my yard. Our dogs will be lounging on the carpet in the garage and taking a stroll through the back yard as they wait for table scraps from the dinner that they know is coming as they’ve been watching their doggy calendars all year. My furry mini-children will more than likely, be sitting in the windows watching us buzz from room to room wondering what the commotion is all about and why there isn’t any open couch cushions to lounge on. They will retreat to my bed, where they will curl up onto each other and wait it out.

   I will breathe deeply when I burn the bread and not get upset when I forget to make a dish I had planned. I will say I love you to everyone and making sure that I hug everyone today as I don’t think I do this enough. I will send out texts to my closest family and wish them a blessed and thankful dinner. I will log on to Facebook and change my status and make sure to send a “Happy Thanksgiving” to my friend Micki who makes stress seem like a small step to climb in life and reassures me that I’m a good mom. I will call my grandpa and wish him a personal “Happy Thanksgiving” because it’s been far too long since I’ve heard his crackling voice. I will call my mom at the hospital and talk to her for as long as she can handle it, I won’t hang up until after I’ve said the magic words and wish her a speedy recovery and tell her I miss her on this holiday. I will enjoy the music in my head (or MP3 player plugged into my ears) as I wonder through this holiday all the while I will keep reminding myself that today is all that matters. Making the memories count is what it’s all about. The ungrateful and unthankful will have to enjoy their own misery alone today because I’m busy being with my family and enjoying them.

   So to everyone else out there in the great big world celebrating their Thanksgiving and reading my blog, I love you and I’m Thankful that you are reading my Thanksgiving blog, but I just have to say, “Get off the computer and go eat some dark meat will yeah!”


To My Blog Readers,


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving At My House

  1. Ha, Ha, sounded nice and liked the pictures but whos’s house were you at. No just kidding baby IT WAS WARM AND VERY LOVING, AND ALENA THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF ME AT THE HOSPITAL FOR ME AND STEALING ME A LITTLE SIP OF WATER, I was so scared…

    1. No problem mom. I knew you’d come to me if I was freaked out and scared. You’d also steal me chocolate if I asked, so water was the least I could do. Just don’t ask me to whip your butt when your old cause I’d have to draw the line at that.

  2. Okay, you mentioned me in a blog, I’m so totally special… THANK YOU and of course I read your blog, I’m just lazy and didn’t post a response til’ now…LOL
    So did you convince yourself? LOL
    Hopefully I will be seeing you soon!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! For me, I will go for the white meat! Stay safe, and don’t burn the bread!!! We love you guys.

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