Positive Thinking Yields Positive Results…Right?

 I’ve decided to try something out for a while, I’d like to share my inspirational thoughts on some pictures that strike my muse strings. Some may be heart breaking and some may be stunning award-winning blogs, (ok I’m tooting my horn) but you get the point.

I find beauty and meaning in many things and I’m often told that I have a morbid sense of humor, so I would like to share this talent with my blog peeps. So here goes.


Her arms were carved just to hold a precious baby.  Her body would warmly cradle the love she’s made perfectly. The beauty held in pregnancy curves would look graceful on her. Her gentle smell would comfort the tiniest of babies. She’d be there every step of the way for this little miracle.

She struggles with the reality of watching others enjoying the one thing she dreams of most. She fights with blaming herself on why it’s not happening for her. She gets her hopes up, only to have the disappointing emotions rush in.

There is a baby inside this great cosmic conscious waiting patiently to be placed in her arms. When she opens her eyes, there’ll be no surprise when she see’s her own reflection within. There is nothing more that she can do but pray for the blessed event to finely happen.

With that being said, send your positive thoughts, prayers and well wishes her way so that she can feel the life kick within, plan every detail of every birthday and holiday for her little bundle of joy. Let’s try to make this happen for her. If there was ever a woman more ready, it would be her. She’s ready to snuggle the unforgetable smell of a newborn all her own.


3 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Yields Positive Results…Right?

  1. God allows you to become a parent when it is the right time. I am the perfect example of that, I was told I would never have any babies and it broke my heart but I think he waited until I grew up and he knew I was ready and blessed me with 3. I went 10 years thinking I’d never have them, so yes positive thinking, prayers and above all PATIENCE, we must remember our time and his time are sooooo totally different.

  2. We wish her the very best of luck! Can not wait to have a new addition to the family. We send our prayers! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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