Why Write?

  Seems easy enough, grab a sheet of paper and a pen, (pencil if you know yourself well enough) and jot down the thing’s that come to mind or plot out a story. Let the inspiration flow through your mind, down your arm and on to the paper.

   As most of you know, sometimes your inspirational mind hits a wall or life happens and you just can’t find the time to pour your heart out or you just blankly stare at the screen/paper wondering what the heck to write.

   For me, writing is therapy. It allows my mental health to be just that; healthy. When life starts hitting rough sea’s and I can’t seem to find my barring, I usually write to help me steady my sea legs, find my balance, inner-peace, happiness, my chee if you will. I become more lucid.

   So when I started this blog, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but much like a new phone, the more you play with it the better you get to know its features. With that in mind, I set up my blog and intended to just blog about anything my heart desired. Nothing structured and the more I wrote the more my brain seemed to find inspiration.

   I could be daring enough and try to blog every day. But then that’s structure, that’s a deadline, that’s added stress. So a more relaxed approach was to blog/write when I felt like it.

   Somehow life knew I had made a goal. Knowing I needed to sit and write so I found time, I also found guilt. Guilt because I was selfishly taking time away from my boyfriend, my children, and my chores just to write. If I didn’t write then it was guilt because I had made such a fuss to start a blog and beg my family to show interest and encouragement in my blog and yet I couldn’t be consistent enough to blog about something. Sometimes my family wanted me to write about a certain topic or write something for them, about them, etc. I just couldn’t find the urge to write whatever it was they wanted/needed. It’s not like that really, blogging isn’t like a DJ on the radio where you can just call in and request something, at least not for me.

   So now that the 2011 challenge is my goal now and my writing is my talent, I will write when ever it tickles my fancy and I will post one of my writings once a week. No rhyme or reason to the theme or topic of my post. No pressure, no stress, no structure just writing.

   The joy I get from my blog out weights the guilt I feel for not writing, because deep inside, I write every moment of every day, inside my head; that is. With every idea and thought boiling in my mind together until its time to percolate into a smooth and revitalizing cup of writer’s coffee…aka a fine piece of written word published for the world to read.

So please, ENJOY!

3 thoughts on “Why Write?

  1. You should write about that comment your child made about MLK. THAT was hilarious/sort of a sad commentary on our children’s education.
    I’m glad you are writing, you are braver than I indeed because I’d not want to share my thoughts with people. Well maybe with the elect few but not the world at large. Keep at girl!!

    1. The comment all 3 of my children said about why they don’t have school tomorrow.
      “Because it’s Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and he was our president that got shot in the lincoln theater. He also was the lord of the protesters against black people and he woke up one day after having a good dream.”

      I love writing. I love watching children learn how to read. I love watching my son get lost in a book.

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