In These Moments

       Ever hear a child laugh so sincerely that just the mere sound of it makes you begin laughing?

            Madison and Aubry were in their room playing for once, (not arguing) when all of a sudden I heard the heart-felt-belly laugh come rolling out of Aubry. Then a short pause of silence, then the laughing started again. Instantly I started smiling. I called both the girls into the living room to try and share in their laughter.

            Apparently Madison was doing some back-woods-hick-country jig of a dance. Though Aubry insisted it was the face Madison was making that caused her hysterical laughing. So I insisted Madison show me what she was doing. The moment her feet started pounding the carpet and her hands jetted back and forth, Aubry started laughing again with the same loud giggle. Her eyes squinted, wide-mouthed smile and crinkled-up nose made the laughing even funnier. Her hands held her belly as she bent over trying to control herself.

            What amazed me was the fact that Madison was getting just as much joy out of it as Aubry was. I could watch this go on for hours. The laughing spells between sisters is something I know all too well.

       I remember lying in bed, laughing with my sister until we were so out of breathe that we border upon hyperventilating. This drove our parents crazy because it was usually while we were supposed to be sleeping or while we were supposed to behaving ourselves in the back seat on a long drive. But nothing sparks the laughing spell more than our parents getting angrier by the minute because of our laughing.

            In these moments no one matters whose Barbie has the prettier hair. Whose riding on whose bike, whose mom and dad is who’s or whose watching what show.

            In these moments no one cares about whose President, what bill was passed, what storm is on the verge of ripping apart another country or state. No one cares what bills are paid or if the car has gas in it.

            In these moments life pauses long enough to allow me to enjoy my children and remind me of why I travel to the end of the world for these mini-humans. In these moments nothing else matters. And this is why I became a mom and a writer. To remind myself and my readers that we not only need to take time for ourselves, take the time to smell the flowers but we also need to take the time to just laugh, enjoy the sounds of each other’s company

=) SMILE! It look’s good on ya! =)


8 thoughts on “In These Moments

  1. It is exactly those moments that make being a parent and even a person, so worth the struggle. I love moments like this and I forge them into my memory to save for the difficult moments and then bring the memories out like an elixir to help me through. Thanks for sharing one of your moments. It’s lovely to read someone cheerful!

  2. Lost in the laughter, I remeber that feeling with my two girls to Now with Jaden as well. I alsow love it when he gets so mad at some little thing. I hear him go off.I hear him say dam-it, dam-it dam=it. He thinks I dont hear him. The look on his face is just priceless. kids are so wonderfull, I am so greatfull for mine.

  3. So true! One of the things I have missed since my daughter has grown up is those moments of uninhibited laughter, where her whole body was involved in the sheer joy of laughing.

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