You’ll Just Know!

           A few weeks ago asked the question, what is your favorite sound? I had to think about that for a second; or two.

            I had so many sounds lined up, the laughter of my babies, the whimpering and purring of puppies and kittens, the reassuring sound of Rafe’s voice, the wind outside. I couldn’t pick just one.

            So I figured I’d tell you about a musical sound instead, but then again I ran into trouble. I own many movie scores and picking just one instrument was even more difficult. Then I snapped out of it. It’s my blog, I can do whatever I want.

            I’d like to tell you about a band that gives me inner peace to the core of my being. They speak through their melodies and the way they harmonize has to be nothing other then divine talents. I’d like to introduce some of you to Florence and the Machine , unless you’ve already heard of them, then I’m sure you’ll agree with me; if not, then maybe skip this blog or just scroll down to the pictures. 😉

            I first heard, Florence when I was watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries, (episode 11 Bloodlines encase you were wanting to know). I was mesmerized by the devilishly delicious vampire Damon on the screen when “Cosmic Love”  debuted for me on the flat screen. I whipped out my laptop and began my search.

            The percussion bellowing out rhythmically through the song was like nothing I’d ever heard before. Florence’s beautiful song gave me the comfort and craving I love in a woman singer. It’s pleasant without being annoying. She’s a bit mystic and reassuring in just her tone. I decided I needed that song and I wanted to hear other’s that Florence had, so I downloaded the album; and what a pleasure that was.

            Playing “Cosmic Love” on my MP3 player one night I decided to turn it up louder and that’s when I heard the drum beats sounding just like a heart beat (2:22 into the song). The lyrics, the drums, every instrument harmonized so perfectly that I realized what this band had done for me. It put a melody to the feeling of being in love. Not just a cheesy being in love, the moment when you realize, I’m whole heartedly in love with him/her. You know the moment you let your head catch up to what your heart already knows. Then perfectly performed, Florence and the Machine saved the best for last, the grand finale of sorts. They busted out the twinkling harp and paired it together with the right amount of drums and guitars complimenting Florence’s melodic vocals. Her vocals were perfectly missing, replaced by a harp at the end giving you the moment to appreciate the way the music flows though your body and your soul devours it completely.

            I had never heard anything more beautiful. They made Cosmic Love just that; cosmic love. They put the sound to what I feel it would sound like if the stars collided and burst into uninhibited, pure, undying love in the sky. When the planets line up perfectly allowing you to meet your other ½ and the moment you know its right. This song should play as a sound track.

                        My new favorite band,

          To Purchase Florence and the Machine’s latest album Click Here.

P.S. I’d like to thank the music picker-outter over at The Vampire Diaries, Good Job!

2 thoughts on “You’ll Just Know!

  1. Your writting is good and I just love the picture you picked out. It was informative and I could tell you really liked the song and the band.

    1. Mom, please don’t take this the wrong way but I love the fact that you really understood every part of this blog and your comment only had one grammatical error. Your meds must be working…just kidding. I love ya mom.

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