Laughter Is Therapy For The Soul


            Click on the blue underlined word also known as links. These will take you to the many video’s to all of my favorites.

             My ability to laugh is one of my finer personal features. I pride myself on being able to laugh whenever I can. I always try to lighten any mood or atmosphere as often as I can.

            Working with mostly men for the last five years, I’ve come to realize I’ve got quite the humor-bone inside me, as they’ve so generously pointed out over the years.

            I’m able to laugh at myself, like when I ran myself over with my car (Click Here) or when I got my arm caught in the driver-side window while attempting to retrieve my keys (Click Here). I’m also able to make others laugh while sharing stories about my children (Click Here) and my family.

            My natural instinct whenever people are sad, upset, irritated, even angry; is to try to find something – anything really, that will make them forget their mood and just laugh.

            My favorite comedic actor is Will Ferrell. He takes every day life, including the boring parts especially, and makes them hilarious. You may have seen his movies: Talladega Nights (favorite scene), Elf (favorite scene), Step-brothers (favorite scene), just to name a few of my favorites. He’s also quite funny online as well, The Landlord and Good Cop, Baby Cop. When I watch him, I just can’t believe a grown ass man would act like that, but I’ve seen it happen in real life. They do!

            My favorite stand-up comedians are: Dane Cook , Kat Williams, Jon Reep, Tosh.0, Jo Koy, Nick Swardson (Go Terry!), Mitch Hedberg, Jim Gaffigan (Hot pocket!). If I’m ever feeling down or I want to laugh hard enough that my stomach hurts, I employ one of these guys on my DVR. I’m pretty certain I pay my cable bill every month just because I’m afraid I might miss one of their next acts.

            Speaking of cable, the sitcoms are even including more and more comedy into their scripts. Comedy sells. Comedy is thriving on the fact that congress, news, and talentless celebrities are constantly in our faces. So why not make fun of them. Even drama’s are leaning on the lighter sides more. Take, Lie To Me, for example, Lightmen is freaking funny with his social quirks and the fact that his character has no concept of personal space and half the time, he seems drunk. Hard to take a drunk serious even if they’re talking about murder…at least for me. There’s just something funny about that to me.

            Even commercials are jolting me out my normal routine of T.V. watching so that I can re-play those dag gum M&M commercials. I swear I almost pee every time I watch the bread fly out of the cupboard and smack dude in the face. Classic!

            You know, I’ve even found myself laughing at the sick and morbid stuff too. Example: in Pulp Fiction when they’re in the car, resting the gun on the shoulder of the seat pointed at the hostage in the back and the two main characters are arguing and then they go over a bump in the road and it discharges killing the hostage by accident, I laughed hysterically all 27 times I rewound it.

            Why, you ask. Because of my luck and perception. It would be my luck of not intentionally trying to kill someone and a simple bump in the road causes someone’s death by a bullet. What are the odds?

            I don’t look at the situation like most people. I imagine myself in the situation and try to see and understand how it would play out if it were me involved; and it’s always funny.

            How can someone wander on to the interstate, knowingly or not, and get hit by a truck and live to tell the newspapers, I didn’t know I was on the freeway…walking in the fast lane…into on-coming traffic…at night actually. I’m serious, how does that even happen, how can that not make you laugh. This dude truly believed what he was saying.

            My boyfriend, my family and friends enjoy the things I get myself into…ok maybe they just like laughing about it, either way, its entertaining.

            I would like to share a few comments that have been said to me throughout my life. Here’s your challenge, TRY NOT TO LAUGH WHILE READING THEM

            “You should get a job testing products to see if they’re actually dangerous or harmful.”

            “You’re the reason companies put warnings on stupid shit.”

            “You’re the only person I know that could hurt themselves that bad on flat ground.”

            “What do you mean you didn’t see the train/bus/truck?”

            “I don’t even want to know how you got in that position,…are you ok?”

            “What?! You were washing your face in the shower and not one but both pinky fingers jammed up your nose…that hard?”

            So in conclusion, don’t hold back laughing next time, just let it all out. Let everyone around you hear your laughter and see your smile. It’s contagious. Your smile is an invitation to your inner self. Chances are, whatever it is that your laughing at will either become blog post material, stories to re-tell later or if you write it down and read it, it’s gonna make you bust up laughing.

        “Laugh at life, it might make you a $10,000 dollar winner”

Show the world your cheshire cat smile.

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