Fictional Mind Reading?


A Jedi, Sookie Stackhouse, and Edward Cullen can read the minds of others. Yes, they’re all fictional characters, I understand that. The Jedi use The Force to pull off such magical talent. Sookie was born that way because her grandmother had an illusterious affair with a male fairy. Edward Cullen; well who cares how he got his talent, he’s just awesome regardless; but I’m partial.

I’ve read many books about telepathy and though it would be awesome at first, I think it would also suck on a larger scale in the end. The ability to understand what your boss really thought of your project, if your child was telling the truth or what your parents really think of you, would be invaluable. I’m just not so sure you’d really want this talent/skill/magic.

Being the kind of person I am; emotionally sensitive to others, this mind reading ability would cause me serious stress, worry, confusion, anger; just to name a few.

When your lying underneth your husband/boyfriend, wife/girlfriend, what-ev-a, I doubt the last thing you want running through your mind is, “he/she really thinks I’m too curvy,” or “my penis is too small.” What if you weren’t the person able to read minds, what if your child could. She’d be able to hear you decide to throw away that cute-over-painted-glitter-encrusted piece of construction paper.

I like the concept of having to learn about people the old fashion way. Only knowing what they choose to share with us. I love the idea of fooling myself into believing I’m the funniest chick on the planet even if my jokes suck. I think the harsh cold reality of the truth is sometimes best left unsaid, even if it is the truth.

I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at here. I think it might be best to leave the “Mind Reading” to the movies and fiction stories. They’re better at handling the situations that come with such a cursed talent. Not to mention they make it look gooood.


2 thoughts on “Fictional Mind Reading?

  1. Hey this was fun!!! I love the pictures you have in there. I’m with you, I wouldn’t want to be able to read minds. Let’s face it, I’m so awesome that my ego wouldn’t be able to handle all those telepathic compliments 😉 Hope everything is going well for you! XOXXO

    1. All is well. I’ve been M.I.A. as I’ve started a new novel and dude the inspritation is OOOONNN like donkey kong. I agree with you though, the mind reading is for the pretend professionals.

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