Bellys, Diapers, & Proms…No problem!

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A friend of mine just gave birth, all natural, to a bouncing baby boy of 10 pounds with her loving husband and midwife near by. She has shared pictures through-out her pregnancy with friends and family on Facebook. I’ve looked over the pictures and often thought of my pregnancies and how I felt about each of the impending births.

Miracles are amazing!

But it was this morning on my rainy windy drive to work alone in my mini-van that I realized how silent my drive was. I could hear the wind smashing the rain drops on my windows and I could smell my air freshener. I didn’t hear any tattle-telling, arguing or smell any McDonald Happy Meals or farts.

It didn’t start that way, it was chaotic getting the kids out of bed, convincing Aubry that the second outfit of the morning was fine for school, managing to dry my hair, make coffee and wear matching shoe’s was almost impossible.

Just makes you want kids huh?

But even then it didn’t start that way. I can remember with perfect clarity how soft the baby blankets felt, how cuddly my babies were, their ‘baby’ smell, how my arms were made especially to cradle them and I can remember their ‘hungry’ cries versus’ their ‘i’m-hurt’ cry.

The smell of dirty diapers, baby formula, the taste of green pea baby food flung at me and the never-ending sleepless nights. The constant worry if THIS bump to the head is going to be THE final pass or fail of Mommyhood.

We go through many changes as women, mommies, mom’s; whatever you want to call us. God starts us off with the basic’s, eat, sleep, poop. We master those tasks, then the levels progress, getting harder like a wicked game of Tetris. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and they grow healthier and stronger until all of a sudden…BAM! You’re mysteriously looking your son in the eyes at eye level, because some how he’s that tall already. Or your daughter is showing you a pair of shoe’s she liked on a website she surfed and thinks that my money would best be spent on them rather than buying gas.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Erickson at

How did we get to this part so fast? Did I forget something, did I teach them everything they need to know to get them this far? God I hope so.

It worries me so much, but I guess that’s a sign of Great Parenting…I think? We’ve had our bumps, bruises, scars and set-backs; even a few traumas along the way, but we’re still here fighting.

We have so many thing’s to teach our children in such a short amount of time and no book, website or class can teach us a guaranteed sure-fire way. Sure they could suggest but it comes down to us Mom’s…and dad’s who ultimately have the final say, the final lesson teaching, the final look back.

I’m proud of myself and everyone who has made a special place in my children’s lives. I’m confident they will be ok though I still worry…because I’m a mom.

I will miss seeing the cute smiles on my babies faces as they sleep, their cute little diapered butts and how they attacked the world to learn everything they know…this far.

I won’t miss the sicknesses they brought home and shared, the vomit and other body fluids that seemed to be shared as well because it seems to be apart of the “mom” job, and I certainly won’t miss chasing down running toddler’s, Lord know’s my lung are still healing from that boot camp.

Someone get the...what cleans a mess like this?

Instead I will relish in the secretly whispered, “I love you mom”, the “don’t turn off the hall light yet”, and “You’re the best mom ever” home-made Mother’s Day cards.

And I’ll look forward to more punishment chores, (cause let’s face it God gave us weeds to teach our kids lessons), prom’s, and the graduations where our children will look out into the crowd to find our smiling faces and mouth to us, “Thank You.”

               So to all of you Moms AND Dad’s, Good Luck & Great Job!


Parenting IS a job/career & not for the light weights



11 thoughts on “Bellys, Diapers, & Proms…No problem!

    1. Thank you. I try very hard at most of my blog post. Some of them just come so naturally and effortlessly; others I have to edit and re-edit. I’m glad you really enjoyed it. The more I write the better I get, at least that what every one keeps telling me.

      1. I agree. You are very good. I’m thinking of writing a blog also. Or restarting one I guess. Not sure how to get started or what to write about but my therapist told me I should write a book. I don’t know if that’s good or bad… Lol.

  1. Very nice Alena. I do try to read your blog..but I don’t get much time being that I’m in the middle of those never ending sleepless nights! But it was nice to read from your perspective since your further along in the process of being a mom, and I am only 6 months in. Your writing is really good..and the guys at your work don’t know what they’re talking about. Everyone needs an outlet..and if this works for you..then it’s definitely worthwhile.

    1. Thank you. Sleepless nights…oh girl I don’t miss them, but I do cherish the nights I had. It’s crazy sometimes, I will look at the mom’s pushing shopping carts with little babies in the carriers and the mom’s just talking to them as if they understand and I remember doing that. When nothing else in the world matters, (I think that’s a song) except for you and the baby.
      I love writing and it’s a form of therapy for me and I write from the heart. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and commenting.

      Keep up the good work, I’m sure your a wonderful mom. 🙂

  2. Loved it! lol and so weird seeing pics of Betsy and Baby Zeke on here. 🙂 I just want you to know that even though I don’t always comment I do check it almost everyday! I really do love your writing Alena!

    1. It’s awesome to know that Nichole. My blog is a little window into my heart & I can see behind the scenes of WordPress where I get most of my blog traffic. I get ‘credit’ sorta for the comments on my blog. But what means the most is I get to know which blogs really hit my readers because if the post is good enough or liked enough, or hits home the right way, my readers comment. Ok enough about the comments. Thank you for posting one though. I love Betsy’s pictures, she captures the true feel of the person in the picture. Her pictures make me feel emotions and the baby pictures, oh it just takes me back. Anywho, thank you for letting me waste your time….(cause the guys I work with tell me that’s what i’m doing with my blog)…Love ya chick!

      1. Oh please you are not wasting my time. Remember we choose to come and read your blog no one makes us do it. 🙂

      2. You’re right. It’s just hard to believe people want to willingly bop over to my neck of the woods to read what my silly brain comes up with. Even I get tired of hearing myself, but it warms me to the core knowing I make some people laugh, I make some people cry, and I even manage to change some peoples ‘ideas’… =)

  3. You said it all ! And just to let you know your a great mom! lol I love this post…it hits home and is so much truth…of course thats all it could be coming from another mom..but I do miss the baby cuddles.
    Thank you for sharing! love ya cuz.

    1. Thank you for reading & posting a comment; it means a lot to me. This post has been in the working for quite some time now, I just finally put it to paper, well computer paper anyway. I think its important to reflect, as mom’s we are so caught up in the moment that we lose track of time & how far we’ve come or how much we still have left. It’s nice to know other mom’s feel the same way.

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